Since electricity is so commonplace in the modern workplace, it’s easy to forget about the dangers that can happen around live energy. Wire and cable management is crucial to protecting employees and visitors from electrocution, shock, and other energized hazards. Strong wire and cable management helps facilities stay NFPA, OSHA, and ANSI compliant, and stay accident free.

Wire and cable management signs are printed on tough, long-lasting industrial materials. They are designed to include OSHA-compliant headings and signal words, and their easy-to-read font ensures these signs will be seen. LabelTac® Printable Cable Wraps make marking cables easy. Identifying cables and wires is crucial to electrical safety, and these wraps are legible and don’t wear easily.

Wire and cable management is paramount to maintaining a safe workspace, so make sure your company is outfitted with the right best safety supply in the industry.

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