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To make your labeling project go smoothly, you need the best label and sign printing tools available. Choose from our large selection of printers, trusted by industry professionals. These printers make printing large quantities of signs and labels fast and cost effective. With an industrial label printer, you won’t need to order labels and wait for them to arrive. You can create the labels you need, when you need them. Make labels for safety, 5S and Lean, first aid, egress routes, instructional purposes, and more.

Explore our selection of top brands to find the printer best suited to your task. You’ll find small portable printers for use on the job, large desktop options for creating bigger signs, and many sizes in between.

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LabelTac Printers

LabelTac® Printers

Make in-house label printing affordable.  

Shop LabelTac® printer models including the LabelTac® 4, LabelTac® Pro X, and LabelTac® 9.

LabelTac Supplies

LabelTac® Supplies

Improve your LabelTac® printing experience.  

Choose from dozens of printer supplies for specific indoor and outdoor applications.

LabelTac Accessories

LabelTac® Accessories

Printing labels even easier with LabelTac® accessories.  

Find LabelTac® accessories that facilitate easier label printing and printer transport.

LabelTac Printers

LabelTac® Printer Bundles

Save hundreds on LabelTac® printers and supplies with customizable bundles.  

We've made it easy for you: we've taken our top-of-the-line LabelTac® printers and paired them with high-quality supply made to meet every labeling need.

LabelTac Supply Bundles

LabelTac® Supply Bundles

Custom-tailored to include supplies for your needs or application.  

Choose from a selection of supplies conveniently matched for common industrial applications.

LabelSuite Software

LabelSuite™ Software

LabelSuite™ labeling software was built to make your life easier.  

LabelSuite's simple interface and included content offer ease of use and creative potential you just won't find in other label printing solutions.

Brady Printers and supplies

Brady Printers & Supplies

Purchase your Brady ID supplies, printers and labels all in one place.  

Browse Brady printer models including the BMP71 and Globalmark 2.

Epson Printers and Supplies

Epson Printers & Supplies

Find the one that fits your needs.  

Browse Epson printer models including the PEARLabel®  270, and PEARLabel®  360.

Handheld Printers

Handheld Printers

Reliable for creating labels and tags for any facility.  

Get a portable handheld printer so you can print labels, barcodes, and heat-shrink tubes while on the go.

Industrial Label Printers

Shop leading industrial thermal transfer printer brands and learn why industrial printers are the best choice for making durable facility labels and signs.

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Industrial Label Printers
See the quality of labels you can expect from a LabelTac label printer
Facility marking, safety and lean products
  • 108' per roll 1", 2", and 4" widths available Various base color/arrow color combinations Durable vinyl material Aggressive adhesive Clear over-lamination to protect printed surface Continuous print design All colors meet the ANSI 535.1 Safety Color... More details

  • BMP71 Label Supplies from Brady

    BMP71 Label Supplies from Brady This vinyl label tape supply for the BMP71 from Brady is industrial grade and will hold up to extreme environments, temperatures, and weather conditions. Use with the BMP71 thermal transfer ribbon for maximum printing... More details

  • BMP71 Ribbon from brady

    BMP71 Ribbon from Brady BMP71 thermal ribbons offer smear-resistance to water and chemicals, and sharp print quality to make barcode readability more accurate. Use this ribbon with the Brady BMP71 labeling system to create professional-looking labels... More details

  • Brady IDXPERT

    Brady IDXPERT Portable Label Printer The Brady IDXPERT Label Printer is the ideal in-field handheld printer for datacomm, electrical, material handling and industrial environments. More than 140 types of label stock are available- everything from... More details

  • Brady BMP71 Label Printer

    Brady BMP71 Label Printer Please note: the Brady BMP71 is the replacement for the HandiMark portable labeling machine.  The BMP71 printer is designed to help you get your job done quickly and efficiently and that means making labels fast. At 1.5"... More details

  • Label Applicator Pole

    Label Applicator With Telescoping Pole Fast - Apply labels quickly! Safe - Reach high up from the safety of the ground! Smart - No more ladders, lifts, or scaffolding! Safe and smart way to apply labels in your facility Ideal for pipe marking... More details

  • One-handed operation Large, backlit display for easy reading Dual cutter buttons hold the label until you need it Multi-function accessory is available with a magnet, flashlight, and wrist strap The BMP21 Portable Label Printer is an all-in-one... More details

  • Brady BMP51

    Brady BMP51 Portable Label Maker The Brady BMP51 is a state of the art portable labeling system which allows you to print high quality, professional safety labels and more- all from an easy to use handheld printer. The BMP51 can be controlled remotely... More details

  • Epson LW-PX350 The Epson LW-PX350 is an electronic, portable, compact keyboard printer that creates custom adhesive-backed labels in over 60 different sizes and color combinations. It also prints on polyolefin heat shrink tube materials for wire... More details

  • Epson LW-PX750 Printer This is the Epson LW-PX750 printer, which is a good quality label maker, heat-shrink tube and barcode printer all built into one.  It is also an eco-friendly machine that will help to reduce your overall impact on the... More details

  • Epson LW-PX300 The Epson LW-PX300 Labeling Printer an electronic, portable, compact keyboard printer that creates custom adhesive-backed labels in over 60 different sizes and color combinations. It also prints on polyolefin heat shrink tube... More details

  • Epson LW-PX400 The Epson LW-PX400 features 180 dpi thermal transfer print resolution. It prints on industrial heat shrink tubes, wire wrap, and special labeling materials in sizes ranging from 1/6” (4mm) to 1” (24mm) for multiple... More details

  • Epson LW-PX700PC The Epson LW-PX700PC is an industrial strength label maker and bar code printer, which can also heat-shrink items.  It is eco-friendly to help minimize your companies impact on the environment, which is very important today. ... More details

  • Epson LW-PX800 Labeling Printer The Epson LW-PX800 Labeling Printer with MaxiLabel® Pro Ver.4.0 Labeling Software is Windows 7 and Mac® compatible. 360 dpi, multi-purpose industrial thermal transfer labeling system. It prints on a large... More details

  • Brady BBP37 Color & Cut Sign & Label Printer With its multiple color options, the Brady BBP37 Sign and Label printer allows the user to create multi-colored workplace visuals with ease. Pick from a wide range of colorful vinyl to create, edit,... More details

  • Epson LABELWORKS LW-PX750PCD Labeling Kit The Epson PXLW-PX750PCD is a great option for creating labels, heat-shrinking items and printing barcodes. It is designed to be eco-friendly while still producing high quality results. The machine has a... More details

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Labels, stickers, and safety signs are an important element in your workplace because they transmit ideas when you are not there to do it yourself. For example, an arc flash sticker on a utility panel can communicate to a maintenance worker or electrician what level of protective equipment they will need to wear in order to open the panel. A pipe marking label will demonstrate, via text and symbols, the direction that liquids flow through a pipe. And safety signs remind workers of potentially hazardous work areas, like a forklift zone.

All of these help inform employees and visitors of dangerous situations and alert them of things that you cannot tell them in person.

With our LabelTac® industrial label printers, you can begin printing your own custom designed labels and signage in no time in the most cost-effective way with our easy-to-use software or Windows-compatible programs, like Microsoft Word. With Microsoft Word, there is nothing to learn - just type your label message and hit print. You will be printing high-quality, professional labels in a snap!

Once you have labels and signs in place in your facility, try using other visual communication tools such as floor marking tapes, shadow boards for tools, and banners to increase organization and efficiency. 

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