SafetyTac® Accessories

SafetyTac Accessories

Accessories make installation
and maintenance even easier.

Installing and maintaining your SafetyTac® floor marking system won’t require too much effort on your part. The tape can be easily and quickly installed by hand. When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, simply use a mild detergent and a clean cloth.

You can make these tasks even easier with our SafetyTac® accessories. From non-toxic cleaners that won’t leave any reside or film behind, to an industrial applicator that’s perfect for large-scale jobs, Creative Safety Supply has all the SafetyTac® accessories your facility needs.

Shop below for cleaning supplies and installation tools that were designed specifically for use with SafetyTac® floor marking products.

Free Floor Marking E-Book

Free Floor Marking E-Book

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  • SafetyTac Floor and Tape Cleaner

    SafetyTac® Floor and Tape Cleaner

  • SafetyTac Industrial Applicator

    SafetyTac® Industrial Applicator

  • SafetyTac Tamper Cart

    SafetyTac® Tamper Cart


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