Tool Outline Vinyl / Shadow Board Tape

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Tool Outline Vinyl / Shadow Board Tape
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    Quickly create a tool organization system! Shadow board tape allows your employees to quickly identify which tools are available and where they are located, which in turn reduces the time lost searching for tools. Our board tape can be utilized to make a 5S shadow board and is available in a variety of colors to help match your workplace color schemes and/or pertinent safety standard requirements. Our adhesive shadow vinyl comes in yellow, white, black, red, green, orange, blue, grey, purple, and pink. Ready to get started on creating a visual workplace? Let us help! 

    Tool Shadow Board Features:

    • 15" width x 15' long
    • Self-adhesive
    • Durable, engineering-quality vinyl
    • Multiple colors available

    How to Use Shadow Board Tape

    Create a shadow board in four simple steps to increase tool organization:

      1. Roll out the shadow board tape with the white backside facing up. Lay all your tools out onto the white backing in an organized way that makes sense for your business. For instance, if you would like to keep all the hammers in one area, design for that. Leave a minimum of 1-inch to 2-inch clearance between each tool tracing. (Note: The layout you make on the back of the tape is the reverse layout of what it will look like from the front of the tape. Accommodate for this by tracing the tool in a reversed position from what you want as a finished product.)
      2. Take a pencil or marker and trace the tools or items onto the white backing. Trace all the tools before moving onto the next step.
      3. Use a utility pen knife to cut out the traced shapes.
      4. Peel the white backing off and stick the vinyl to your tool board, or other tool surface, just behind where the tool sits.

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      Tool Outline Vinyl / Shadow Board Tape

      Tool Outline Vinyl / Shadow Board Tape