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LabelSuite™ was created to simplify your life. This easy labeling software makes creating barcodes, signs, and labels effortless.

LabelSuite™ Design and Print Software

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Requires PC running Windows 7 or higher.

LabelSuite™ is your all-in-one design and print solution for:

  • Safety / OSHA
  • Arc Flash
  • GHS / Hazcom
  • Pipe Markers
  • Organization / 5S
  • Warehouse / Rack / Barcoding
  • Tool Identification
  • .. and much more

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Dependable and powerful yet simple, LabelSuite™ is capable of turning you into an expert designer quickly and easily. The software collaborates with LabelTac printers to make compliant and clear labels for your workspace.

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Simple, intuitive interface

Intuitive, straightforward interface.

LabelSuite’s user-friendly interface contains a library of content, which means you can explore your creative potential as you discover hundreds of options that other label printers don’t offer.

LabelSuite™ allows you to select from a variety of templates that are set to meet OSHA standards. Or, you can design your own label from scratch. Either way, you have limitless possibilities.

Getting Started with LabelSuite™

Includes an extensive collection of content.

LabelSuite™ presents a library of pre-made templates and symbols so you can create your signs and labels much more easily. You don’t need to be an expert in order to enhance the efficiency and safety of your workspace—LabelSuite’s content simplifies the labeling process. You’ll be able to create what you need quickly and easily.

The software includes:
  • An organized, structured library that offers more than 1 million symbols
  • Thousands of symbols that are installed locally
  • Hundreds of thoughtful and compliant templates for signs and labels
Includes an extensive collection of content
Quickly create everything you need for pipe and GHS marking with label assistants.

Quickly create everything you need for pipe and GHS marking with label assistants.

LabelSuite’s Pipe Marking Assistant creates labels that are ANSI/ASME compliant with very little effort or guesswork on your part. The software’s GHS Assistant contains an extensive library that has been pre-loaded with thousands of SDS sheets and chemical entries.

Together, these assistants ensure your labels are up to standard. You can easily place chemical information, pictograms, and necessary elements into a pre-made template to quickly edit and print an important label. Your days of guessing and double-checking are over.

Multi-language Support

It’s important to ensure that visual communication transcends language barriers so your entire facility is safe and compliant. LabelSuite™ includes Multi-language Support to get across information that accommodates everyone.

LabelSuite™ comes pre-installed with:
  • Arabic
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
Multi-language Support Arabic
Multi-language Support English
Multi-language Support French
Multi-language Support German
Multi-language Support Spanish
Import CSV Files

Import .CSV Files

Creating sequential labels is easier than ever with LabelSuite™. The software allows its users to import data from a .CSV database, which takes away the need to enter each label manually. You’ll be done with the entire process in seconds—all you need to do is simply load an Excel sheet and print. LabelSuite™ enables you to work smarter and headache-free.

Auto Label Length Mode

LabelSuite™ adapts all the labels and signs you need to a pre-set length that adheres to OSHA requirements. This feature takes away any need to manually determine lengths, and saves you lots of time and effort.

Object Snap

This component of LabelSuite™ automatically aligns objects to the rest of the information within the label for a uniform and professional design. All you have to do is drag an object to the area you’d like, and it simply snaps into place.

Multiple Layers

With LabelSuite’s simple layering tool, you can customize and adjust various layers. The software gives you the ability to adjust shapes, symbols, and text boxes to achieve what you need.

Simple Barcoding

Create barcodes is quick and easy with LabelSuite™. Whether you need 1D or 2D barcodes, the software allows you to design bin labels, rack labeling, and barcodes that perform as they should and have a professional look.

OSHA-Compliant Headers

LabelSuite’s heading tool makes it easy to create headers that adhere to OSHA standards. This feature comes equipped with the required symbols, signal words, and colors so you can quickly select the correct headings and complete your design in no time.

LabelSuite running on Dell touchscreen

LabelSuite™ Design and Print Software for LabelTac® Printers

Free to download

Requires PC running Windows 7 or higher.

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