SignCast Virtual Signs


SignCast™ Virtual Signs and Lines

SignCast™ is a family of products designed to make floor marking possible in difficult environments. With SignCast™ Virtual Sign and Line units, you can add images and line markings, even in places where high traffic levels or uneven surfaces would make conventional sign, tape, and paint methods impractical.

Virtual Signs

SignCast™ Virtual Sign units are a great solution for making bright, noticeable signs and cues in facilities where other conventional wall and floor signage can't get the job done.

  • Project clear signs at distances up to 50'
  • Long-life, high-output lamps
  • Usable in nearly all lighting conditions
  • Standard popular sign options or create your own custom design
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty

SignCast™ S300 Virtual Sign Unit


This popular virtual sign unit simplifies facility marking for tough environments. It’s easy to use and requires virtually no maintenance.

Note: Choose your sign design from the drop down menu options on the product page- or for custom signs, call us at 1-866-777-1360 or email


Virtual Lines

SignCast™ Virtual Line units will project a single laser beam in a line on a surface, ideal for marking lines on floors for aisles or dividing work areas.

  • Projects a single, high intensity laser line on any surface
  • 3 color options: Green, Red, Blue
  • IP65-rated for water and weather resistance
  • Usable in nearly all lighting conditions
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty

SignCast™ L100 Virtual Line Unit


This unit uses a high-intensity laser to create lines immune from wear and tear. Mark boundaries, aisles, and more, worry-free.


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We're here to help. Call with Questions: 1866-777-1360.
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