Caution Signs

Caution Signs

Warn against potentially
hazardous areas & unsafe practices.

Caution signs can be seen just about anywhere. While these signs may be abundant, that does not diminish the need for them in both workplaces and public areas. Caution signs are necessary for keeping both visitors as well as employees safe from harm through visual communication. As the leaders in visual safety, Creative Safety Supply has a plethora of caution signs to choose from, all of which are ANSI and OSHA compliant.

The color associated with caution signs is yellow. These signs use bold, recognizable text that have a header depicting the word “CAUTION”. Caution signs can pertain to almost any type of workplace hazard if the seriousness of that hazard meets the criteria for a caution sign.

The Meaning Behind OSHA Caution Signs

According to OSHA, caution signs are used to warn people about potential hazards or unsafe practices. Caution signs indicate a level of severity less serious than warning signs or danger signs. However, they still convey the message that if a hazardous situation isn’t avoided, it could result in minor or moderate injury.

Examples of Caution Signs and Where to Place Them

Some of the more common caution signs that are seen include ‘slippery when wet’ signs that restaurant workers put out after cleaning a mess or routine mopping. Or perhaps you might see one in a warehouse cautioning people to watch for forklifts. You may even find caution signs in stairwells to alert people about watching their step and using the handrail.

You can find these signs placed on the wall for immediate and easy visibility, in the form of a movable A-frame, stuck to the floor, or even on a window. There are endless possibilities with these safety signs.

Safety Signs Increase Employee Awareness

Safety signs such as caution signs are essential for increasing employee awareness around the workplace. Yellow caution signs immediately catch the eye while its bold text is easy to read—there is a reason why these signs are so noticeable.

Caution Sign Materials

Creative Safety Supply only uses the best materials for its signs. Yellow caution signs come in a variety of formats, sizes, and messaging options. Floor signs are built with tough, industrial-grade material that can take whatever you throw at it—water, chemicals, heavy forklift traffic, you name it. Wall signs come in a variety of durable materials, including PVC, aluminum, adhesive-backed vinyl, and even static cling.

Whatever material you choose, it’s going to last. Not to mention the fact that these signs will keep all your workers and visitors safe from dangerous situations.

Custom Caution Signage Available

Choose from our selection of pre-made caution signs and labels below. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, let us know. You can reach us at 1-866-777-1360 or at We can customize any caution sign to meet your requirements.

If you need more than a few caution signs and labels, you can also print them yourself with an industrial label printer.

Free OSHA Label and Sign Chart

Free OSHA Label and Sign Chart

Recognize hazard signs at a glance with a free chart of OSHA’s sign and label color scheme.

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