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Make sure your facility is easy to navigate with simple instructional signs. These facility signs convey basic information about exits, restrooms, trash and recycling, and workplace policies (where smoking and eating are permitted, whether firearms are allowed, which locations are private, etc.). Some of these signs use the “Notice” OSHA header, while others use easily recognizable symbols to get their messages across.

Shop our selection of facility signs below. Signs are available in five materials including PVC signboard, aluminum, and adhesive vinyl, so you can choose the option best suited to your facility’s environment.

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  • First Aid Kit Floor Sign

    First Aid Kit Sign This First Aid Kit Sign is the perfect tool to help guide employees towards accessible first aid kits and supplies. First aid kits are an essential component to any industrial work setting, so make sure your employees know where first... More details

  • Stop Look Out For Forklifts Sign

    Stop Look Out For Forklifts Floor Sign Our Stop Look Out For Forklifts Floor Sign is a great sign to use in any area where forklift and truck traffic are present. This sign warns employees and visitors alike that potentially hazardous forklifts may... More details

  • Wall Sign - AED Inside

    AED Inside - Wall SignAutomated External Defibrillators are quickly becoming an essential component of first aid within many work environments. When an employee requires the assistance of a life saving AED device it is absolutely critical that one can be... More details

  • ANSI Caution No Open Toed Shoes

    ANSI Caution No Open Toed Shoes Most industrial work environments require both employees and visitors to wear shoes that protect the feet. Increase awareness about foot safety regulations with our ANSI Caution No Open Toed Shoes Sign. This sign complies... More details

  • Caution - Fall Hazard - Wall Sign

    Caution - Fall Hazard - Wall Sign Some job sites and locations have inherent hazards.  The unique graphic of this sign is ideal for locations that have a hazardous opening in the floor, such as a crane or wind turbine.  This tough sign can be... More details

  • Caution - Rotating Blades - Wall Sign

    Caution - Rotating Blades - Wall Sign Wind turbines have unique hazards.  This safety sign addresses one of the major hazards.  Post this sign to help keep people safe around wind turbines.We can met your needs with multiple size and substrate... More details

  • Caution - Wind Turbine - Wall Sign

    Caution - Wind Turbine - Wall Sign Wind turbines are hazardous places, in addition to the danger of falling objects, there are high voltage and large moving parts to contend with.  Post this caution sign to remind people that there are hazards. In... More details

  • Caution Slippery When Wet

    Caution Slippery When Wet Inform employees and visitors about slippery surfaces with our Caution Slippery When Wet sign. This sign features an easy-to-understand pictogram as well as simple-to-read, high-impact text. Make sure your work environment is as... More details

  • Caution Watch for forklifts

    Forklifts are an essential piece of equipment in many industrial businesses. Forklifts are very useful, but they also pose some hazards. Post a “Caution Watch for Forklifts" wall sign to serve as a constant visual reminder to all employees and... More details

  • Caution Yield Sign !

    CAUTION YIELD SIGN ! - Industrial Floor Sign Do have areas within your facility that warrant the need for caution? Our Caution Yield Sign is the perfect choice. This sign is bold, easy to see, and gets straight to the point. There are a variety of places... More details

  • Caution: Confined Space - Wall Sign

    Caution: Confined Space – Wall Sign Confined spaces can be very dangerous, which is why having a wall sign that reads, “Caution: Confined Space” is so important. These types of signs are commonly needed on construction sites, mining... More details

  • Caution: Keep Gate Closed - Wall Sign

    Caution: Keep Gate Closed - Wall Sign This Caution: keep gate closed wall sign is very simple, but effective. There are many times when you will want to make sure a gate is kept closed. In many businesses, for example, gates need to be closed to keep... More details

  • Caution: Laser - Wall Sign

    Caution: Laser - Wall Sign Alert people to danger with this wall sign that reads, “Caution: Laser.” Many machines today have lasers in them for cutting, measuring or other things. While they are very useful to complete jobs, they can also be... More details

  • Caution: Low Clearance - Wall Sign

    Caution: Low Clearance - Wall Sign Having a wall sign that says, “Caution: Low Clearance” will let people know when there is an area with a low clearance in the area. These signs are helpful in a variety of situations. One of the most... More details

  • Caution: Low Head Room - Wall Sign

    Caution: Low Head Room - Wall Sign Wall signs that read, “Caution: Low Head Room” can really help avoid a lot of headaches. Few things can be as painful or frustrating as bumping your head on a pipe, support beam or just about any other hard... More details

  • Confined Space enter by permit only

    Confined Space Enter by Permit Only Confined spaces pose many safety risks as they may be hard to enter and exit, harbor hazardous chemicals or substances, or have unlevel surfaces. Confined spaces should only be entered or by authorized and trained... More details

  • Danger - Asbestos - Wall Sign

    Danger - Asbestos - Wall Sign This asbestos sign meets the revised OSHA standard CFR 1910.1001.  The changed text is more specific about the hazards of asbestos exposure. OSHA made this revised sign message mandatory after 6/1/16.  Be... More details

  • Danger Heavy Object Wall Sign

    Danger - Heavy Objects Lift With Care - Wall Sign This Danger sign alerts employees of heavy lifting hazards.  Place this wall sign prominently to keep people safe in your facility or job site. In addition, we customize signs. Just send us the... More details

  • Danger Authorized Personnel Only

    Danger Authorized Personnel Only Many work environments have areas too hazardous for visitors or untrained employees to enter. These areas may feature highly energized equipment, hazardous chemicals, unleveled surfaces, or other hazards. These areas... More details

  • Danger Do Not Operate Sign

    Danger Do Not Operate Sign Our "Danger Do Not Operate" sign warns employees about defective or inoperable machinery and equipment. Post this sign near any equipment that shouldn't be operated without authorization.  Are you interested in a... More details

  • Danger Electric Current Keep Off

    Danger Electric Current Keep Off Electrical currents can be very hazardous and even deadly. It is important that only authorized personnel utilizing appropriate protective equipment manipulate electrical equipment. Use a "Danger Electric Current Keep... More details

  • Danger Elevator Hoistway

    Danger Elevator Hoistway It is important to keep employees and visitors away from elevator hoistways as these can be very dangerous areas. The open areas within elevator shafts present fall hazards, so only trained and licensed personnel should have... More details

  • Danger Elevator Shaft

    Danger Elevator Shaft Elevators take the hassle out of hauling large or heavy items up and down stairs. However, elevators also pose some risks to workers. All elevators have shafts and open elevator shafts can present a very real fall hazard. Make sure... More details

  • Danger High Voltage Area

    Danger High Voltage Area Post “Danger High Voltage Area” signs in areas where high voltages are present to make sure anyone who enters these areas is aware of the energy hazards. Need a customized sign? Our team of dedicated safety sign... More details

  • Danger High Voltage Sign

    Danger High Voltage Sign High voltage areas can be extremely dangerous if the right safety precautions aren't taken. Make sure all employees and visitors are aware of high voltage equipment by posting a “Danger High Voltage Sign” wall sign... More details

  • Danger No Smoking Signs

    Danger No Smoking Signs Smoking is prohibited in many work areas, especially in areas where a fire hazard exists. Make sure all visitors and employees are aware of no smoking areas by posting “Danger No Smoking" signs. These signs feature the "no... More details

  • Danger: Battery Charging Area Wall Sign

    Danger: Battery Charging Area Wall Sign Warn your staff and guests about areas where batteries are charged. Features Signs are available in three sizes Constructed from durable 3mm PVC signboard Highly visible design Customize at no extra charge ... More details

  • Danger: Electric Room Wall Sign

    Danger: Electric Room Wall Sign Make your workplace a safer place. Use hazard signs within your facility to ensure your staff stays protected. This sign will communicate to employees that an area is the electric room. Features Made from durable 3mm PVC... More details

  • Danger: Elevator Shaft Wall Sign

    Elevator Shaft Danger Wall Sign Elevator shafts are dangerous. Alert employees to the hazards of working around elevator shafts. Features Signs are available in three sizes Constructed from durable 3mm PVC signboard Highly visible design... More details

  • Danger: High Voltage Wall Sign

    Danger: High Voltage Wall Sign Communicate to workers and visitors about hazardous high voltages with this wall sign. Features Signs are available in three sizes Constructed from durable 3mm PVC signboard Highly visible design Customize at no extra... More details

  • Danger: Keep Gate Closed - Wall Sign

    Danger: Keep Gate Closed - Wall Sign Place this Danger: Keep Gate Closed wall sign up at every gate to help keep your property safe. There are many times where you will want to ensure gates on your property or even within your facility stay closed. Some... More details

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