Fire Safety Signs

Make sure people can respond quickly to a fire by placing fire safety signs throughout your facility. These signs often include standard text, symbols, and colors (usually red and white) so they’re recognized immediately as fire safety signs. Use them to mark the locations of fire extinguishers, hoses, sprinklers, and exits so people can respond appropriately or evacuate.

Shop our selection of fire safety signs below. These signs come in five material options including PVC signboard, aluminum, and adhesive vinyl, so you can select the material that works best for the environment at your workplace.

Don’t see the sign you need below? Let us know, and we’ll work with you to create a fire safety sign that meets your requirements.

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  • Fire Extinguisher Do Not Block

    Fire Extinguisher Do Not Block Anywhere you have a fire extinguisher, it is smart to have one of these signs. Our Fire Extinguisher Do Not Block Signs warn people to keep fire safety areas clear and accessible. When fire safety equipment is easily... More details

  • Fire Exit - Keep Clear

    Fire Exit - Keep Clear At All Times Floor Sign These floor signs warn people not to put any objects, equipment, or vehicles in front of a fire exit. Made from a tough construction that is resistant to chemicals and water, these products are great... More details

  • Fire Lane - No Parking - Wall Sign

    Fire Lane - No Parking - Wall Sign Help control traffic and keep fire access open with this Fire Lane sign.  This sign can make the difference at your facility. We create customized signs! Our team of professional sign designers will create a unique... More details

  • Fire Extinguisher - Wall Sign

    Fire Extinguisher - Wall Sign Make the location of your fire extinguisher known with this wall sign.  Clearly marked safety equipment increases awareness.  Quickly locating a fire extinguisher, in the event of a small fire, could mean the... More details

  • Metal Extinguisher -  Floor Sign

    Metal Extinguisher -  Floor Sign   A fire prevention plan is absolutely necessary in order to prevent possible workplace fires. To improve your facilities plan, make sure your employees know where they can find available extinguishers if... More details

  • Evacuation Assembly Area (Wall)

    Evacuation Assembly Area Wall Sign When there is an emergency, such as a fire or explosion in a factory, it is important to communicate to employees where they should assemble after an evacuation. Features Signs are available in three sizes Constructed... More details

  • Fire Exit - Keep Clear - Wall Sign

    Fire Exit - Keep Clear - Wall Sign Keep fire exits clear and safe with this high visibility wall sign.  This sign will help remind staff and visitors to keep the exit unblocked with vehicles, equipment or other storage items. We create customized... More details

  • Fire Sprinkler System - Wall Sign

    Fire Sprinkler System - Wall Sign   A Fire Sprinkler System is a necessity for any company that sees fire prevention as their top priority, and is often a building code requirement to have them installed. However, whether it's an emergency... More details

  • No Open Flames

    No Open Flames Floor Sign Use this floor sign to mark areas where open flames should never be present. Made from a durable material that is chemical and water-resistant, these signs make excellent visual safety markers for your facility. Customize a sign... More details

  • Custom Signs

    Create a Custom Sign It's easy! and FREE! Customize an existing sign: Add company logo Change/add wording Change/add icons Change colors/layout -or- Create a new sign from scratch: Replacing a current sign in your facility or looking for a... More details

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