Biohazard Signs

Biohazard Signs

Durable warning signage
for biological hazards.

When it comes to keeping workplaces and employees safe from biological hazards, clear visual communication is the key. Biohazard signs alert workers of the hazards ahead and instruct them on how to avoid that danger.

Safety is a vital piece of any successful business, and any company that handles or manages hazardous material must have biohazard signs posted. This not only ensures that they are staying compliant with OSHA regulations, but also that they are making a conscious effort to protect their employees.

Avoid Dangerous Situations with Biohazard Warning Signs

The power of visual communication such as biohazard warning signs can help protect workers from toxic and infectious waste. Reminders to take part in workplace protocol regarding the disinfection of boots and other PPE while around biological hazards are critical for safety awareness. This is done through informative language, biohazard pictograms, as well as the colors of any chosen safety signs. All of which provide the most amount of information in the shortest period of time.

OSHA Compliant Biohazard Safety Signs

Biohazard signs come in several designs, colors, and formats, and have a diverse selection of messaging. These signs come equipped with OSHA-compliant headings, signal words, and symbols, including the biohazard symbol (biohazard logo), the radioactive symbol, and the toxic symbol. These signs are made with tough, industrial-strength material that guarantees top performance. Floor signs are built with rugged, industrial-strength, low-profile materials strong enough to handle heavy foot and forklift traffic.

Pair Safety Signage with Biohazard Training

If you are looking to provide biosafety training for your employees, take the time to go the extra mile and create signs that support your employees’ newfound knowledge. This will help cement protocol in their memories, therefore decreasing the risk involved in working with biological contaminants.

Print Your Own Biohazard Labels and Safety Signage

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Free OSHA Safety Signs E-Book

Free OSHA Safety Signs E-Book

Learn the required components of OSHA safety signs.


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