Wet Floor Signs

Wet floors are a slipping hazard and a legal liability. They cause numerous workplace slip and fall accidents annually, resulting in medical costs and lost time for employers and employees. Protect your workforce and your business with posted warnings. Whether you use wet floor signs, wet floor cones, or other signage, make sure your message is clear.

Shop below for wet floor signs and labels for your facility. You'll find adhesive signs for use on floors (that can withstand wet, industrial conditions), stand-up cones and A-frame signs, wall signs (mounted or with adhesive backing), and labels. Choose the signs that will work best for your application, keeping in mind you need to alert people to wet surfaces before they enter hazardous areas. Don't see what you're looking for? Get in touch. We can customize floor signs and wall signs to meet your specifications. These custom signs can have the logos, graphics, text, and colors of your choice.

Floor and Wall Signs

Floor & Wall Signs

Highly visible signs for wet areas.

Place wet floor warnings right where they’re needed with industrial-grade floor and wall signs. They'll hold up to water and chemicals, and floor signs can withstand foot and vehicle traffic.


Adhesive stickers to provide warnings.

Make sure areas prone to being wet are clearly labeled. These durable labels withstand water, chemicals, fading, and abrasions, so they work great in industrial facilities.
A-Frame Signs

A-Frame Signs

For use in temporarily wet areas.

Use plastic A-frame signs to call attention to areas that are wet from cleaning, rain, or other short-term causes. Available in English or English/Spanish versions. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
4-Sided Square Signs

4-Sided Square Signs

Cones to put out when needed.

Put plastic cone signs out to warn people about temporarily wet floors. These wet floor signs are easy to put in place and are visible from multiple directions and from a distance.

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