Safety Signs

Workplace safety programs have many parts, all of which are important to keeping people safe on the job. Safety signs play a key role, though, in many aspects of safety from notifying people of tripping hazards and PPE requirements to explaining arc flash and chemical hazards. These signs must be noticeable, easy to read, and in many cases, comply with OSHA standards for safety signs. These standards can include formatting and content requirements. Since safety is considered the 6S in the 5S program, taking steps to keeping workers safe is a key to a successful and productive business.

Below you’ll find a variety of types of safety signs including floor and wall signs, labels, banners, and even virtual signs. Floor safety signs are built to endure forklift traffic, and are chemical, water, and UV-resistant. Wall signsare available in several materials, including PVC, aluminum, and adhesive-backed vinyl, so you can select the material that will work best in your facility. These signs were made to meet the demanding needs of industrial environments, and are made with the toughest material out there to ensure their longevity.

Safety signs can also be customized to meet your requirements. Browse through our pre-made signs and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, get in touch. We’ll help you get the safety signs you need. Call us at 1-866-777-1360!

Safety Signs

  • Extremely durable
  • Forklift-resistant
  • Peel & Stick


Safety Signs

Safety Labels

Pre-made labels to mark safety hazards.

Choose labels related to safety procedures or select Danger, Warning, Caution, or Notice labels that meet OSHA requirements. These labels contain common headers, text, and pictograms and will help you comply with OSHA’s hazard marking rules.
Custom Signs

Custom Safety Signs

Get signs that meet your specifications.

Make modifications to a sign in our library or design a sign from scratch. Customizations can include logos, colors, text, images, or changes to layout. Tell us what you need, and we’ll work with you to create your sign.
Wall Signs

Wall Signs

High-quality standard signs.

Search our large selection of OSHA-compliant walls signs. They’re an effective way to add necessary information to your facility and they’ll last a long time. Signs have pre-drilled holes for easy mounting, and they’re resistant to chemicals, water, and weather.
Floor Signs

Floor Signs

Mark floors with durable, traffic-resistant signs.

With long-lasting floor signs, you can get your message across without worrying about damage from traffic, water, chemicals, or UV rays. These signs won’t lose color or traction either. Installation is simple, too. Peel the backing off the sign and press it to a clean, dry surface.
Arc Flash Labels

Arc Flash Labels

Properly mark arc flash hazards.

Select arc flash labels and signs that warn people about electrical hazards in your facility. You can also get custom labels containing electrical equipment’s nominal system voltage, arc flash boundary, and other information required by the National Fire Protection Association.
SignCast Virtual Signs

SignCast Virtual Signs

Alternative sign solutions for tough environments.

Display bright, virtual signs on floors that have high traffic or uneven surfaces. SignCast™ Virtual Signs have no physical parts on the floor, which means you won’t have a problem with sign damage. Choose from a variety of traffic signs and other safety signs.

Safety Banners

Bold, noticeable visuals to emphasize safety.

Use eye-catching banners to convey safety messages in your workplace. Order a pre-made banner, or we can customize one for you. Banners are made from durable 13 oz. scrim material, so they’ll hold up to the environment of any facility.
Pipe Marking Labels

Pipe Marking Labels

Common and custom pipe markers.

Browse our library of common pipe labels or create a custom alternative. All labels can be customized with directional arrows and made in the size you need. These pipe markers will help you comply with the ANSI/ASME A13.1 standard for pipe marking.
Fire Safety Signs

Fire Safety Signs

Standard signs for fire-fighting equipment and evacuation.

Fire safety signs must convey important information about handling a fire in the workplace. These signs use recognizable colors and formats so people can act quickly during an emergency. Choose signs for sprinklers, fire extinguishers, hoses, and exits.
Facility Safety Signs

Facility Safety Signs

Common signs communicating instructions.

Signs that convey policy information, exit routes, and security reminders play an important role in the safety of a workplace. These signs have simple designs and are easy to read. Shop our selection of facility signs to find the messages and styles you need.


Common Signs for Safety

Workplace health & safety signs communicate important information about hazards. Common hazard warning signs include:

  • Danger signs
  • Warning signs
  • Caution signs

These signs contain a standard header prescribed by OSHA and have standard text and pictograms. These components make warning signs compliant OSHA signs.

Hazard signs can be used for a wide variety of situations such as chemical hazards, arc flash, slip/trip/fall hazards, fire hazards, dangerous atmospheres, and hazardous equipment. Whatever dangers your workplace has, you can likely find a safety sign or create a custom version that meets OSHA guidelines.

Other safety signs direct people to first aid equipment, fire-fighting equipment, and other important locations. Businesses must mark these items, as they are critical when responding to an emergency. In addition, exit signs and signs directing people to evacuation routes and meeting points are critical to safety.

Additional Workplace Signs

Many safety signs are mandatory signs, but adding other informational signs can also contribute to workplace safety.

  • Prohibition signs – Signs instructing people not to smoke, not to enter certain areas, not to wear certain types of footwear, etc. can all be important to safety.
  • Security signs – These signs protect people and property by keeping people out of locations where they shouldn’t go.
  • Office signs – These signs often provide directions or instructions to help people perform tasks.

If a sign will help increase safety, it’s worth having in the workplace. Businesses should remember, though, that if too many signs are present in an area, the important messages might get overlooked or diluted. First achieve compliance with signs, make sure important information is emphasized, and then add signs as needed. Just don’t overdo it.

Print Safety Signs In-House

As you can see from the categories on this page, many types and styles of safety signs exist. There are large floor signs and small labels. You can get durable wall signs or indestructible virtual signs. For workplaces that need many safety signs on walls, machines, doors, shelves, etc., printing them in-house can end up being the most economical and practical solution. A LabelTac® industrial label printer can create any type of safety label. Some models can even print larger signs and banners. Consider the demands of your labeling projects and browse in-house labeling options.

  • Stop Sign - Basic Floor Sign

    Stop Sign - Basic Floor Sign You can't miss our bright and bold Stop Sign - Basic Floor Sign. This sign is universally recognized to mean stop and can be highly effective when used in conjunction with other pertinent signage. This sign is manufactured... More details

  • Stop Look Out For Forklifts

    Stop Look Out For Forklifts Floor Sign Our Stop Look Out For Forklifts Floor Sign is a great sign to use in any area where forklift and truck traffic are present. This sign warns employees and visitors alike that potentially hazardous forklifts may... More details

  • Eyewash Station

    Eyewash Station Floor Sign These signs signal to workers where they should go for first aid eyewash treatment. They hold up to traffic and are chemical and water-resistant. Customize with an image or text change at no extra charge. Call us at... More details

  • STOP Safety Glasses Required

    Floor Stop Signs: Safety Glasses Required This floor sign reminds workers and visitors alike to put on their safety glasses in designated areas. Signs from Creative Safety Supply are made from quality materials and are resistant to chemicals and water... More details

  • Emergency Shower and Eyewash

    Emergency Shower and Eyewash Does your facility handle or house dangerous or caustic chemicals, solutions, oils, or solvents? If so, proper safety signage is critical to ensure the highest levels of safety.When a dangerous situation involving hazardous... More details

  • Fire Exit - Keep Clear

    Fire Exit - Keep Clear At All Times Floor Sign These floor signs warn people not to put any objects, equipment, or vehicles in front of a fire exit. Made from a tough construction that is resistant to chemicals and water, these products are great... More details

  • Stop Sign - Auth Personnel Only

    Stop Sign - Authorized Personnel Only Floor Sign This floor sign informs people that only authorized personnel may enter an area.  These floor signs are durable and resistant to water and chemicals. Our floor signs are customizable: change the text... More details

  • Steel Toe Shoes Required

    Steel Toe Shoes Floor Sign This sign alerts workers or visitors that they must be wearing steel toe shoes to enter an area. Our floor signs are designed for use in industrial workplaces and hold up to forklift and foot traffic. Customize this sign with... More details

  • Stop Sign - S.T.O.P.

    Stop Sign - S.T.O.P. Floor Sign This stop sign features the use of a helpful acronym using the letters S.T.O.P: Stop, Think, Observe, and Proceed. There are many times out on the work floor when employees act too quickly, this can lead to mistakes or... More details

  • Foot Protection Required

    Foot Protection Required Floor Sign Many industrial work environments warrant the need for protective footwear to protect workers' feet from industrial hazards. Our Foot Protection Required floor sign alerts workers and visitors alike that they must... More details

  • STOP Please Wait Here

    Stop Please Wait Here Floor Sign This floor sign tells visitors and workers to wait before proceeding. All of our signs are durable and can withstand traffic and extreme temperature changes. They're also resistant to chemicals and water. Our products are... More details

  • Do Not Block - Floor Sign

    Do Not Block - Floor Sign   With this bright yellow sign that reads “Do Not Block”, make it clear and simple that the area that this sign is place in should absolutely never be blocked off by objects. This area could be a fire exit, a... More details

  • Emergency Shower/Eyewash - L Arrow

    Emergency Shower and Eyewash Floor Sign Left Arrow Emergency shower and eyewash signs are imperative to the overall safety of many industrial work environments. Let's face it, if employees don't know the locations of these showers and wash stations, how... More details

  • Emergency Shower/Eyewash - R Arrow

    Emergency Shower and Eyewash Floor Sign: Right Arrow These signs specifically indicate that the first aid eyewash station in your facility is to the right. These floor signs hold up to vehicle and forklift traffic and they are resistant to UV rays and... More details

  • Stop Sign - Do Not Enter

    Stop - Do Not Enter Floor Sign This basic floor sign signals that drivers and pedestrians should stop and not enter an area. Our durable, easy-to-install floor signs are chemical and water-resistant and hold up to traffic. Customize them at no additional... More details

  • Hand Protection Required

    Hand Protection Required - Industrial Floor Sign Looking for the perfect sign to remind employees to use proper hand protection? Our Hand Protection Required Industrial Floor Sign is a great choice to meet your needs. Our industrial-grade floor signs are... More details

  • Notice: Tornado Shelter - Wall Sign

    Notice: Tornado Shelter- Wall Sign This Notice: Tornado Shelter wall sign lets people know where they should be going during a severe weather event. Tornados and others types of dangerous weather can at any time, which is why most workplaces have an area... More details

  • Electrical Box - Do Not Block (Wall)

    Electrical Box - Do Not Block (Wall) Electricity can shock and kill workers if they are not aware of the dangers. This wall sign remind workers to be cautious when working near an electrical box and to not block the area around around this equipment... More details

  • Spill Kit Location -  Floor Sign

    Spill Kit Location -  Floor Sign   The risk of a hazardous spill in the workplace is always a possibility, and leaving a spill can lead to numerous disasters. From the possible injury of slipping and falling, to inhaling dangerous chemicals,... More details

  • Ammonia Alarm Procedure - Wall Sign

    Ammonia Alarm Procedure - Wall Sign High levels of ammonia can prove to be incredibly toxic and could create irreversible health effects, such as lung damage and death. Because of its toxicity and dangerous side-effects, safety procedures are often put... More details

  • Metal Extinguisher -  Floor Sign

    Metal Extinguisher -  Floor Sign   A fire prevention plan is absolutely necessary in order to prevent possible workplace fires. To improve your facilities plan, make sure your employees know where they can find available extinguishers if... More details

  • Maximum Pallet Height - Wall Sign

    Maximum Pallet Height - Wall Sign   For most warehouses, stacking pallets is a necessity. Stacking pallets maximizes floor space and creates a tidy and clean warehouse. Although, stack your pallets too high, and you'll create a hazardous work... More details

  • No Open Flames

    No Open Flames Floor Sign Use this floor sign to mark areas where open flames should never be present. Made from a durable material that is chemical and water-resistant, these signs make excellent visual safety markers for your facility. Customize a sign... More details

  • Alto (Stop) Sign - Basic Floor Sign

    ALTO (Stop) - Basic Floor Sign   You can't miss our bright and bold ALTO (stop) Sign - Floor Sign. This sign is universally recognized to mean stop and can be highly effective when used in conjunction with other pertinent signage. Providing it in... More details

  • Beware of Dog - Wall Sign

    Beware of Dog - Wall Sign   This “Beware of Dog” sign is great to ward off potential trespassers and burglars by warning them that an aggressive dog that lives on your property, while also making visitors and passersby aware that you... More details

  • Caution: Wide Turns - Wall Sign

    Caution: Wide Turns - Wall Sign   Mount this durable and highly visible sign onto any truck or large vehicle. Use this caution sign to let fellow motorists know that your vehicle creates wide turns, and they will need to use caution when driving... More details

  • Custom Signs

    Create a Custom Sign It's easy! and FREE! Customize an existing sign: Add company logo Change/add wording Change/add icons Change colors/layout -or- Create a new sign from scratch: Replacing a current sign in your facility or looking for a... More details

  • Danger: Open Hole - Wall Sign

    Danger: Open Hole – Wall Sign An open hole wall sign is a simple way to notify anyone in the area that there is an open hole in the ground. This could be a manhole opening or a service ladder area that someone could step into, resulting in very... More details

  • Danger: Open Pit - Wall Sign

    Danger: Open Pit – Wall Sign Using an open pit wall sign is a common way to let people know that there is an open pit that they could fall into if they are not careful. Even smaller pits in the floor can cause significant risks to people in the... More details

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