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Effectively implement procedures
to control hazardous energy.

Lockout Tagout

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Lockout Kits

Lockout Kits

Keep your workers safe during maintenance or repair on equipment.  

Lockout kits prevent tragic accidents from happening by alerting workers through visual communication.

Lockout Tags

Lockout Tags

Keep your workers informed and alert.  

Many serious and fatal accidents occur when equipment is accidentally turned on during regular servicing or maintenance. Lockout tags are a huge component of LOTO programs because they inform workers why a piece of equipment is off.

Lockout Tagout Labels

Lockout Tagout Labels

Keep machine operators safe with Lockout/Tagout.  

OSHA estimates compliance with the LOTO standard prevents 120 fatalities and 50,000 injuries annually. Yet lockout/tagout violations are still among the top ten most frequently cited by OSHA. Keep your employees safe, improve productivity, and cut costs by implementing a Lockout/Tagout safety program.

Lockout Tagout Signs

Lockout Tagout Signs

Prevent accidents and protect your workers with Lockout Tagout signs.  

Some of the most catastrophic and deadly accidents that occur in industrial settings take place during equipment maintenance, usually as a result of someone powering up equipment without knowing that someone is currently inside the machine. Lockout Tagout signs inform and instruct workers to use the lockout tagout system.

Lockout Boxes

Lockout Boxes

Simplify your lockout tagout system with lockout boxes.  

Lockout boxes help manage locks and tags so that they can be used properly. These tools are an easy way to maintain and organize locks and keys.

Lockout Inline Tape

Lockout Inline Tape

Avoid accidents by marking locked out areas.  

Using lockout inline tape reminds workers to lockout equipment before they enter, and warning others to keep the area clear.

Abus Products

Abus Products

Take your Lockout Tagout system to the next level with Abus.  

For nearly a century, Abus has provided high-quality, dependable locks to the world. For high-stakes safety practices like LOTO, workers need to trust the products they’re using. With Abus, they can rest assured.

Electrical Safety Supplies

Electrical Safety Supplies

Electrical safety protects facilities from damage and saves the lives of workers.  

Arc Flash Products

Arc Flash Products

Keep your workers safe while working around dangerous electrical hazards.  

An arc flash is a dangerous electrical explosion that can reach temperatures up to 35,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Arc Flash products are specially designed to protect employees working in an area where an electric arc flash hazard exists.

Lockout Tagout

An electrical safety program isn’t complete without lockout/tagout equipment. We offer a broad range of durable, easy-to-use lockout devices that cover most mechanical and electrical applications. When employees use these lockout/tagout devices as part of machine and equipment maintenance, injuries related to accidental startup can be avoided.

Lockout/tagout accessories must be sturdy and standardized according to size, shape, color, instructions, and a warning of potential hazards. By developing and enforcing a comprehensive lockout/tagout standard, you can protect workers and save lives.

Get started on implementing your energy control program today. Browse our wide selection of lockout/tagout items below:

  • STOPOUT Ball Valve Lockout

    STOPOUT Ball Valve Lockout

  • Lock Out Tag Out Station - Wall Sign

    Lock Out Tag Out Station - Wall Sign

  • STOPOUT® StopPlug™ AC Plug Lockout

    STOPOUT StopPlug AC Plug Lockout (110VAC)

  • Brady Lockout Tag with Detachable Key Stub (25-pack)

    Lockout Tag w/ Detachable Key Stub (25-pack)

  • 120/277V Breaker Lockout Pouch with Padlocks & Tags
  • ABUS Ball Valve Lockout

    ABUS Ball Valve Lockout

  • Danger: Lock Out Tag Out Sign With Graphic - Wall Sign
  • Lockout Tags - Tag Holder

    Lockout Tags - Tag Holder

  • LabelTac® Lockout Tagout Supply

    LabelTac® Lockout Tagout Supply

  • ABUS Aluminum Padlock 74LB/40

    ABUS Aluminum Padlock 74LB/40

  • ABUS Lockout Station

    ABUS Lockout Station

  • ABUS 702 Hasp - 1-1/2" Diameter Lockout w/o Tabs
  • Personal Padlock pouch with safety padlocks

    Personal Padlock Pouch With Safety Padlocks

  • Gate Valve Lockout

    Gate Valve Lockout

  • Brady's Popular Breaker Lockout Pouch

    Popular Breaker Lockout Pouch

  • ABUS K915 Deluxe Lockout Bag Kit

    ABUS K915 Deluxe Lockout Bag Kit

  • ABUS K900 Basic Lockout Pouch Kit

    ABUS K900 Basic Lockout Pouch Kit

  • ABUS V448 Ball Valve Lockout 2-8” Red

    ABUS V448 Ball Valve Lockout 2-8” Red

  • Master Lock Red Wall Mount Group Lock Box with Window
  • Do Not Operate - Equipment Locked Out - Lockout Tags
  • Lock Out Tag Out Must Be Performed - Portrait Wall Sign
  • ABUS P606 Gas Cylinder Lockout

    ABUS P606 Gas Cylinder Lockout

  • ABUS Brass Insulated Padlock 74M/40

    ABUS Brass Insulated Padlock 74M/40

  • Prinzing Bilingual Safety Lockout Center
  • Do Not Operate Bilingual Spanish - Lockout Tags
  • Short-Circuit an Accident - Lock Out/Tag Out - Poster
  • Lockout! Tagout! - Know The Rules And Do It!

    Lockout! Tagout! - Know The Rules And Do It!

  • Master Lock Red Steel Group Lock Box

    Master Lock Red Steel Group Lock Box

  • Brady's Ready Access Lockout Station

    Ready Access Lockout Station


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