SafetyTac® Shapes

Shapes are the perfect compliment
to your floor marking project.

SafetyTac Shapes

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Keep pallets, machinery, and materials where they belong with floor marking shapes. SafetyTac® Shapes round out our SafetyTac® collection of products with specific, made-to-order elements that complete your floor layout.

Some shapes such as T's, X's, Corners, and Strips come in two variations with rounded or squared corners. Available in 10 colors, these shapes perfectly allow industrial facilities to color coordinate departments or work cells. Additional shapes such as footprints and arrows provide clear visual cues.

Once you've installed floor marking shapes, try combining them with other floor marking tapes to create a complete floor marking system.

  • SafetyTac Corners (Rounded) Floor Tape

    SafetyTac® Corners (Rounded)

  • SafetyTac Corners

    SafetyTac® Corners (Squared)

  • SafetyTac Footprints

    SafetyTac® Footprints

  • SafetyTac T's round

    SafetyTac® T's (Rounded)

  • dot tape

    SafetyTac® Dots

  • SafetyTac T's (Squared)

    SafetyTac® T's (Squared)

  • SafetyTac Arrows

    SafetyTac® Arrows

  • SafetyTac Strips color pack

    SafetyTac® Strips

  • SafetyTac Hazard Corners (Rounded)

    SafetyTac® Hazard Corners (Rounded)

  • SafetyTac X's

    SafetyTac® X's

  • SafetyTac Industrial Floor Tape Mini Corners

    SafetyTac® Mini Corners (100 Pack)

  • SafetyTac Hazard Corners (Squared)

    SafetyTac® Hazard Corners (Squared)

  • SafetyTac® Glowstripe Footprints

    SafetyTac® Glowstripe Footprints

  • Floor Marking Bundle

    Floor Marking Bundle

    Was: $1,011.50
    Sale: $910.35
  • LabelTac® Pro X Warehouse Starter Bundle

    LabelTac® Pro X Warehouse Starter Bundle

    MSRP: $2,989.89
    Was: $2,989.89
    Sale: $2,541.41
    (Save $448.48)

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