Custom Parking Permit Hang Tag

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  • Custom Parking Permit Hang Tag
  • Custom Parking Permit Hang Tag
  • Custom Parking Permit Hang Tag


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Please provide your initial number. Permits will be printed in consecutive order, starting from your initial number and continuing up to the quantity specified in your order.

Please note that you have the option to add a fixed prefix or a suffix of up to 5 characters to your permit number. It's important to mention that the prefix and suffix text will remain the same, and only the consecutive number will vary for each tag.

consecutive number

Create customized parking permit tags to help simplify parking lot management. Car permit tags allow you to easily identify cars that do or do not have access and permission to park in specific areas, increasing parking lot security at apartment complexes, corporate buildings, job sites, and more!


  • 10 Tags per order
  • 3"x5"
  • Made with durable polystyrene material
  • High contrasting colors
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