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The standard turnaround time for sign orders is 2-3 business days.

Each foam tool kit comes with two pieces of foam: a black or blue top layer for tracing and cutting out tool shapes and a contrasting (red or yellow) bottom layer. To use, place the bottom layer in your tool drawer and then place the black or blue layer with tool cutouts on top of it.

If you’re looking for a single sheet of foam, see foam drawer liners.

First, apply for Net 30 credit terms. Once you’re approved and have an account with us, you can email your purchase order to or fax it to 1-503-961-7366.

No. Online purchases can only be made with a credit card.

Most orders are sent via UPS Ground and ship the same day. Consult the shipping map below for estimated transit times.

You will receive order-tracking information by email once your order has shipped. You can also see tracking information by logging into your online account after your order has shipped.

No, we do not offer on-site consultation services.

We are based in Oregon and can ship worldwide, but we do not have local retail outlets. Orders over $25 ship for free to U.S. addresses, and there’s no sales tax.

Your order is in process and is awaiting fulfillment. You do not need to take any action at this time.

LabelTac FAQs

Visit, select your printer model from the Support by model dropdown menu, and then click the Download latest drivers or Download LabelSuite link.

LabelTac® printers come with one full roll of print ribbon.

No. LabelTac® printers print on vinyl label supply.

The LabelTac® 4 and LabelTac® 4 Pro can print labels up to 4 inches wide and 40 inches long. The LabelTac® Pro 2 can print labels up to 4 inches wide and 30 inches long. The LabelTac® 6 can print labels up to 6 inches wide and 580 inches long. The LabelTac® 9 can print labels up to 9 inches wide and 200 inches long.

A thermal transfer printer uses heat to melt print ribbon to another material to create an image. LabelTac® thermal transfer printers apply ribbon to durable vinyl to create long-lasting labels.

LabelTac® printers cannot print full-color labels. However, the LabelTac® 6 Duo can print in two colors simultaneously. To create labels with multiple colors using other LabelTac® printers, you can purchase label supply with pre-printed headers.

Yes, all LabelTac® printers come with a full, transferable lifetime warranty. Find out more here.

Most LabelTac® labels last 5+ years, even outdoors. Some supplies, such as 10-year supply, last longer. See specific label supply product pages for details.

Yes. The preferred format for logos or custom graphics is PNG (this format prints the best), but JPEG files will also work.

Open the software of your choice (LabelSuite, Microsoft® Word, etc.), choose a template or create your own template, and add text and images. In programs like Microsoft Word, you may need to set up the size and layout of your document appropriately for your printer. To learn more, watch our video LabelTac® How To – Creating Labels in Microsoft® Word. You can also find out more about label creation in the Support Center at

Open the printer’s lid, insert the ribbon into the ribbon supply hub, turn the ribbon until the leader is wound around the core, and then close the ribbon access cover or print head mechanism (depending on your printer model). Consult your Reference Guide, visit, or visit our YouTube channel for additional information about changing the print ribbon on your specific printer model.

Open the printer’s lid, either place the supply roll on the spindle or between the green media holders (depending on your printer model), and feed the supply out through the mouth of the printer. Consult your Reference Guide, visit, or visit our YouTube channel for additional information about changing label supply on your specific printer model.

You can change the heat setting by changing the darkness setting for your printer at the Printer Properties > Options tab. Reduce the darkness level to reduce the heat or increase the darkness level to increase the heat.

You can increase the Darkness setting of your printer through the Printer Properties > Options tab.

A scratched label is most likely caused by an excess of heat from the printhead. To correct this, reduce the Darkness setting for your printer through the Printer Properties > Options tab. If you continue to experience issues, make sure your printhead is clean and your vinyl supply has not been loaded too tightly.

Printing a die-cut is very similar to a continuous label. The main difference is you will need to enable the Labels with Gaps setting through the Printer Properties > Stock tab.

A red light most likely indicates your printer is experiencing a sensor error. If you’re receiving a solid red light, check that the lid of your printer is completely closed and no debris or material is preventing the lid from closing fully. If you’re receiving a blinking red light, verify your material is loaded properly and the vinyl guides have been adjusted to fit your supply. You may also try to cycle a label by pressing the Page Feed button.

You can see the version number you’re currently using by looking in the top-left corner of your LabelSuite window when editing a label. To update your LabelSuite version, you can use the Check for Updates option located within the Application Settings from the main menu.

Depending on the program used, this can be accomplished a few different ways. If using LabelSuite, you can use the built-in Barcode Generator to edit/print your barcode designs. If using Microsoft® Word, you will need to install the desired barcode fonts (Barcode Fonts Installer available here) and then change the text font to the desired barcode type. Alternatively, there are a large amount of 3rd party programs that will create and print the desired barcode labels.

Through a process called "Mail Merging" using Excel and Microsoft Word. Additional information is available here.

The latest LabelTac® drivers are available for download from Once downloaded, extract the you just downloaded and then run the DriverWizard.exe to begin installation.

The most common reason for experiencing issues with driver installations is the downloaded drivers have not been extracted/unzippedbefore running the DriverWizard. Additional information on file extraction can be found online or from here. Also verify your printer is plugged in directly to your computer, is turned on, and displays a green status light before beginning installation.

Networking your LabelTac® printer requires that we assign an IP address directly to your printer using our Diagnostics Tool. Once an IP address has been assigned, you can use Windows’ Add a Device feature to finish networking your LabelTac® printer. For in-depth instructions, please visit or contact your network IT for additional assistance.

Creating a label in Microsoft Word is a lot like writing an essay or creating a report. The main differences are the page size and the use of text boxes when possible. For more information on creating a label in Word, please review our Microsoft Word Labeling Tutorial video.

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