Creating OSHA Labels with LabelSuite™



Creating OSHA Labels with LabelSuite™

OSHA has specific guidelines for safety signs. These include headers, safety alert symbols, and signal words such as DANGER, WARNING, CAUTION, and NOTICE. Fortunately, LabelSuite™ makes it easy to create OSHA compliant signs and labels in just a few clicks.

Start by loading your LabelTac® printer with the desired OSHA header supply. For more information on loading supply, check out our dedicated video in the description.

Open LabelSuite™ and click create a new label. Select the "Type" dropdown to find the type of supply you loaded. Ensure that the settings match your supply, then hit create label.

Now we can add our text. Click to add scalable text, then begin typing to insert your message. Let’s increase the size and make our font bold. The default font "ROBOTO" meets OSHA standards. Consult your complimentary guide, found here, for some more tips on formatting. Safety symbols can be added from the "INSERT" tab. Once we are satisfied with our label, we can move on to the print tab.

We are now ready to print our multi-colored OSHA label. For more information, visit

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