Ladder Inspection Tag (Adhesive)

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Ladder Inspection Tag (Adhesive)
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Ladder Inspection Tag

Record routine ladder inspections with the adhesive Ladder Inspection Tag. Making frequent ladder inspections part of your day to day or weekly task will ensure your facilities ladders are always in perfect shape. This adhesive tag provides a section to list the ladder you’re inspecting, as well as the date it’s inspected, the next required inspection date, as well is a signature of who it was inspected by. Provide an even thorough ladder inspection by pairing this Ladder Inspection Tag with the Ladder Inspection Checklist.



  • Product includes 10 adhesive tags
  • Dimensions: 3" x 7"
  • Made from durable vinyl LabelTac adhesive supply

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Ladder Inspection Tag (Adhesive)

Ladder Inspection Tag (Adhesive)


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