Durable tags for safety,
maintenance, and efficiency.

In any visual management system, tags allow certain items to stand out. Tags are used for many different reasons, but their root purpose is to stand out from other products for one reason or another. These tools allow workers to notice these tags quickly and act accordingly.

5S Red Tags allow workers to mark items that may not need to be stored in a particular workstation—a vital part of the Sort step in 5S. These tools are made from durable card stock, and allows space to note all needed red tag information. Lockout/Tagout tags mark power switches on machinery when maintenance is being performed. This tag is an essential part of the Lockout/Tagout safety system, which protects workers from serious injury and death.

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Free Valve Tag E-Book

Free Valve Tag E-Book

Guidelines and solutions for creating valve tags for your facility.

5S Red Tags

5S Red tags

Durable, sturdy tags for your 5S program.  

Red tags are a crucial tool in the 5S process. In the Sort step, you're tasked with clearing out unnecessary items from workspaces. Red tags help with making the tough decisions about what stays and what goes.

Valve Tags

Valve Tags

Long-lasting tags for your valves.  

Valve tags contain space to write important information. You can also print information with a label printer and apply it to these tags.

Military Condition Tags

Military Condition Tags

Heavy-duty and easy-to-read labeling for ammunition, weapons, and supplies.  

Military expectations are high. In harsh climates and rough seas, having labels that can withstand those environments is important, and Creative Safety Supply now provides some of the toughest military condition labels in the industry.

Inspection Tags

Inspection Tags

Ensure inspections are up to date and compliant.  

Inspection tags help make sure equipment and machines are running efficiently and help communicate to workers when inspections have been most recently completed. Inspection tags are an essential part of keeping work environments safe, efficient, and accident-free.

Safety Tags

Safety Tags

Establish a visual communication system that improves efficiency and production.  

Safety tags refer to labels that call out why something is there, and educates workers and visitors about the hazards associated with certain products and equipment. Improve your visual communications system with the help of Safety tags.

Notice Tags

Notice Tags

Convey messages quickly and easily.  

Notice tags can cut through all the distractions and inform workers of important messages.

Lockout Tags

Lockout Tags

Keep your workers informed and alert.  

Many serious and fatal accidents occur when equipment is accidentally turned on during regular servicing or maintenance. Lockout tags are a huge component of LOTO programs because they inform workers why a piece of equipment is off.



OSHA tags keep your facility safe and healthy.  

OSHA tags are perfect for ensuring equipment and machines are running sufficiently and safely prior to inspections, and these tags help prepare for future inspections. OSHA inspections don’t have to be a source of anxiety and tension in the workplace. Let these OSHA tags keep you prepared for inspections at every turn.

  • 5S Red Tags

    5S Red Tags

  • LabelTac Adhesive Red Tags

    5S Adhesive Red Tags

    MSRP: $16.00
    Was: $16.00
    Sale: $14.99
    (Save $1.01)
  • 5S Red Tag Holders

    5S Red Tag Holders

  • 5S Red Tag Area Floor Sign

    Red Tag Area Floor Sign

  • Durable Plastic Valve Tags

    Durable Plastic Valve Tags

  • 5S Red Tag Holding Area Pre-Printed Floor Tape

    5S Red Tag Holding Area Pre-Printed Floor Tape

  • Military Condition Tags 4X6 (roll of 200)

    Military Condition Tags 4X6 (roll of 200)

  • Ladder Inspection Tag (Adhesive)

    Ladder Inspection Tag (Adhesive)

  • Military Condition Tags 3X5 (roll of 200)

    Military Condition Tags 3X5 (roll of 200)

  • First Aid Inspection Report Tags (Adhesive)

    First Aid Inspection Report Tags (Adhesive)

  • Red Tag Area Sign (Wall)

    Red Tag Area Sign (Wall)

  • Yellow Kanban Tags

    Yellow Kanban Tags

  • Ladder Inspection Checklist (Adhesive)

    Ladder Inspection Checklist (Adhesive)

  • Red Kanban Tags

    Red Kanban Tags

  • Round Durable Valve Tag

    Durable Valve Tags - Round

  • Floor Sign - Red Tag Hold Area

    Floor Sign - Red Tag Hold Area

  • Green Kanban Tags

    Green Kanban Tags

  • LabelTac Tear-Resistant Tag Stock

    LabelTac® Tear-Resistant Tag Stock

  • Eye Wash Station Inspection Tags

    Eye Wash Station Inspection Tags

  • Yellow Kanban - Tag Holder

    Yellow Kanban - Tag Holder

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