Safety Tags

Clearly indicate potential
hazards or dangerous materials.

Safety tags help establish a visual communication system that improves efficiency and production. Safety tags refer to labels that call out why something is there, and educates workers and visitors about the hazards associated with certain products and equipment.

Safety tags are available in a variety of designs, colors, and messaging. Lockout tags are essential to lockout/tagout systems, and help protect workers during repairs. Maintenance is when some of the scariest accidents can occur due to someone powering up equipment without knowing it’s being worked on. It’s important to use safety tags to keep your facility free of accidents and your team safe and protected.

Looking for a safety tag but don’t see it here? No sweat—we’re happy to design custom signs and tags to meet your needs. Give us a call at 866-777-1360!

Free Valve Tag E-Book

Free Valve Tag E-Book

Guidelines and solutions for creating valve tags for your facility.

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