Scaffold: Caution Tags

Scaffold: Caution Tags
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    Scaffold: Caution Tags

    Protect the safety of your employees with these Scaffold Caution Tags. Scaffolds are often necessary during construction, but it’s important to warn and caution those around which scaffolds they should trust and which ones they need to take extra precautions with before stepping onto. With these Caution Tags, you can mark which scaffolds require Personal Protection Equipment before being used. These tags also provide extra room to allow you to note any additional comments as well as noting which equipment should be worn in order to proceed onto the scaffold.



    • Product includes 25 tags and 25 zip ties
    • Dimensions: 3" x 6.5"
    • Made from durable tear-resistant LabelTac material
    • Waterproof

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      Scaffold: Caution Tags

      Scaffold: Caution Tags