SpillTech Oil-Only Protector™

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SpillTech Oil-Only Protector™
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SpillTech Oil-Only Protector

Tough MultiLaminate mat stands up to punishing, oily applications. Available in both pads and rolls. Pads are 15" square, where as rolls are 30" x 150'. Available in both medium and large options. Large pads are thicker and designed for heavier duty applications.

  • Abrasion-resistant outer layers of SpunBond material are strong with low-lint benefits
  • Mat is a great choice for lining tool benches, wiping down machinery or cleaning oily tools and parts
  • Perfect for industrial applications in demanding environments where durability is most important
  • In outdoor applications, the mat won't tear when pulled up from frozen ground
  • Perforations allow you to tear pads into different sizes based on your application
  • Hi-vis blue is great in snowy areas where pad placement needs to be traced


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    SpillTech Oil-Only Protector™

    SpillTech Oil-Only Protector™