Spill Containment

Spills, especially ones that involve dangerous chemicals or liquids, are an immediate concern and should be dealt with as soon as possible. Containment of the spill is an important aspect to safety. When you have spill containment products on hand, this reduces downtime and prevents a spill from spreading to the point where it becomes a threat to environmental or human health.

Keeping these products at the ready, and even setting them up before the transportation of chemicals or liquids, can prevent spills in the first place. If spills do occur, spill containment products get the material off the ground quickly. Make sure your facility is protected; take a look at our spill containment options below.

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  • Truck Spill Kits

    Made With the Trucker’s Needs in Mind The trucker spill kit from SpillTech™ was built for flexible storage of sorbents and is designed based on the premise that many spills will take place outside of the confines of the truck (on the road... More details

    Trucker Spill Kit

  • 5 Gallon Image

    Sometimes good things really do come in small packages, and that's what you'll find with our 5-gallon spill kit. This 5-gallon kit is compact in size for easy handling and convenient storage, yet comes complete with a variety of the most requested spill... More details

    5-Gallon Spill Kit

  • Heavyweight Sorbent Mats - Universal

    • 15" x 19", 100 per pack • Absorbs 28.9 gal/pack MultiLaminate Mat Pads are long-lasting and durable. Outer layers of tough-skinned, HeavyWeight SpunBond material resist abrasions and tears — can withstand rough handling and won't tear... More details

  • 20 Gallon Spill Kit

    20-Gallon Spill KitSpills can happen at any time when liquids are present. Have spill kits on hand so you're prepared for a spill. Spill kits contain a collection of helpful items to help clean up a hazardous spill quickly and efficiently.Our... More details

    20-Gallon Spill Kit

  • HazMat Battery Acid Spill Kit

    HazMat Battery Acid Spill Kit Never take chances when it comes to battery acid cleanup. A battery acid spill requires immediate attention. Battery acid usually contains harsh sulphuric acid that can be highly corrosive and very dangerous to living... More details

    HazMat Battery Acid Spill Kit

  • Spill Kit Location -  Floor Sign

    Spill Kit Location -  Floor Sign   The risk of a hazardous spill in the workplace is always a possibility, and leaving a spill can lead to numerous disasters. From the possible injury of slipping and falling, to inhaling dangerous chemicals,... More details

  • SpillTech Small WoodPlugs 9 EA

    SpillTech Small WoodPlugs 9 EABe prepared for emergency leaks with this pack of small wooden plugs for temporary protection.Edged, pre-shaped plugs are made of soft wood that will conform to openings and help the sealing processCan be covered with a... More details

  • SpillTech Spill Kit Label

    SpillTech Spill Kit LabelLabel your spill kit to make it easier to find when seconds count.Eye-catching yellow "Spill Kit" text on black background stands out on containerDurable, 4 mil vinyl with acrylic adhesive is moisture-resistant and suitable for... More details

  • Heavyweight Sorbent Mats - Oil Only

    Heavyweight Sorbent Mats We have the perfect solution to greasy and oily tool storage... Heavyweight Sorbent Mats! These mats are multifunctional and are useful in a variety of situations such as as liners for dirty tools or positioned as a drop cloth... More details

  • Drip n Rip Tablet Spill Containment Response

    Drip n Rip TabletIf you see a drip, grab one of our fine fiber mats and help reduce the risk for slips and falls. Drips happen, and it's best to be prepared when one does occur. A wet surface is often a slippery one and with the help of an appropriately... More details

  • Loose Sorbent - Cellulose

    Loose Sorbent - Cellulose This cellulose loose sorbent is a top-rated, ultra-absorbent product that can clean up spills both large and small. It doesn't matter whether you are cleaning up oils, solvents, coolants, fuels, or antifreeze, our loose sorbent... More details

  • 30 Gallon Kit

    30-Gallon Spill KitIf you work with liquid substances, you know that it's not IF a spill will happen, it's WHEN. Even under the most careful and precise conditions a spill may accidentally occur. Be prepared for accidental spills with a fully functional... More details

    30-Gallon Spill Kit

  • Sorbent Socks

    Sorbent Socks These sorbent socks pack a ton of absorbency power into a handy, compact, coiled sock. Our sorbent socks have been specifically designed to absorb and control loose oil and repel water. The strong mesh outer sleeve encases a poly sock skin... More details

  • 50-Gallon Wheeled Spill Kit

    When it comes to spills, timing is truly everything. A spill can go from large to enormous in just a few minutes. To be prepared for some of the biggest spills, our 50-Gallon Wheeled Spill Kit is your best defense. Whether a spill occurs due to an... More details

    50-Gallon Wheeled Spill Kit

  • SpillTech Tamperproof Seal Labels 6 EA

    SpillTech Tamperproof Seal Labels 6 EAApply this adhesive label to any spill kit to discourage tampering and remind you to restock absorbents. If workers open a sealed kit, this label breaks, alerting you that the kit has been opened and may no longer... More details

  • SpillTech 20-Gallon Pop-Up Pool

    SpillTech 20-Gallon Pop-Up PoolCompact and portable, Prowler™ Pools are ideal for containing spills when you’re on the road or anywhere you spring a leak. This lightweight, portable Pool quickly unfolds to become a self-supporting containment unit. ... More details

  • 95-Gallon Wheeled Spill Kit

    95-Gallon Wheeled Spill Kit Spills are unpredictable and many times they happen at the least opportune moment. However, even a large spill does not have to cause huge delays in production as long as you have the right spill kit to clean it up.  Be... More details

    95-Gallon Wheeled Spill Kit

  • SpillTech Oil-Only Trucker Spill Kit

    SpillTech Oil-Only Trucker Spill KitBe prepared for fast response with a SpillTech® Oil-Only OverPack Salvage Drum Spill Kit!Quick Response is KeySpills happen no matter how hard you try to avoid them. Forklifts knock over drums, tanks are punctured and... More details

  • drum pad spill resistant

    DrumTop Pads - UniversalAre you looking for a quick and easy solution to absorb drips from leaking pumps? DrumTop Pads are the perfect product to meet your needs. These pads help keep unwanted leaks at bay and also help keep your drum storage areas clean... More details

  • Survivor Sorbent Roll - Universal

    Survivor Sorbent Roll - Universal This ultra-absorbent Survivor Sorbent Roll can do the jobs of three different spill cleanup products. Whether you are looking for an absorbent pad, sock, or roll, this survivor roll can transform to meet your needs... More details

  • Heavyweight Sorbent Roll - Oil Only

    Heavyweight Sorbent Roll - Oil Only Are you looking for a durable sorbent product that can be easily transported and stored? The Heavyweight Sorbent Roll is the product you need. These multilaminate mat rolls are long-lasting and very durable for even... More details

  • HazMat Emergency Spill Response Kit

    HazMat Emergency Spill Response Kit When a spill happens in the workplace, the key to safety is a quick cleanup. Spills are responsible for thousands of slip and fall accidents every year. In order to respond quickly and efficiently to a spill, it is... More details

  • SpillTech 50 Gallon Wheeled Container

    SpillTech 50 Gallon Wheeled ContainerOpen head poly drum good for safe storage and handling and transportation of hazardous materials.Constructed of yellow blow-molded, high density polyethylene with UV inhibitorsDurable and lightweight, weather and... More details

  • SpillTech 30-Gallon Hi-Viz OverPack Drum

    SpillTech 30-Gallon Hi-Viz OverPack DrumStock a SpillTech® Hi-Viz OverPack Drum with sorbents for emergency spill response Lightweight, polypropylene drum resists chemicals and keeps contents clean and dry Bright green drum stands out, even in low light... More details

  • PPE Spill Kit Contents

    Personal Protection Spill Kit  Make sure you’re prepared for spills in your facility with this personal protection spill kit. This kit contains all the PPE items needed to clean up a spill including: Boots Coveralls Gloves Goggles  An... More details

  • SpillTech Oil-Only Net Bags 10 EA

    SpillTech Oil-Only Net Bags 10 EAAbsorb the pollutants that build up in a boat’s bilge to avoid potential fines and environmental damage. Oil-Only Bilge Booms repel water but soak up oil, gas and diesel before they can spread into navigable waters.Sized... More details

  • SpillTech Temporary Disposal Bag

    SpillTech Temporary Disposal BagHi-viz Disposal Bag is ideal for use with 55-gallon drums. Large Bag is printed with “Caution Handle with Care.” 3-mil thick to resist punctures. Includes self-locking ties. Compatible with oil, water and solvents. More details

  • SpillTech 20-Gallon Hi-Viz OverPack Drum

    SpillTech 20-Gallon Hi-Viz OverPack DrumStock a SpillTech® Hi-Viz OverPack Drum with sorbents for emergency spill response Lightweight, polypropylene drum resists chemicals and keeps contents clean and dry Bright green drum stands out, even in low light... More details

  • SpillTech Pad Wringer

    SpillTech Pad WringerReclaim up to 90% of absorbed fluid with our Sorbent Mat Wringer.Use this Wringer to squeeze out and recover up to 90% of absorbed fluids from most Sorbent Mats. All-steel, rustproof frame is virtually indestructible. Adjustable... More details

  • Survivor Sorbent Roll - Oil Only

    Survivor Sorbent Roll - Oil Only The Survivor Sorbent Roll is a highly effective, versatile sorbent solution. Whether you are looking to use it as a roll, pad, or sock, this sorbent can handle most jobs with ease. This Survivor Sorbent Roll is a member... More details

  • PolyBacked Rug Roll

    PolyBacked Rug Roll Do spills create slipping hazards in your facility? The PolyBacked Rug Roll might be the solution you've been looking for. The absorbent PolyBacked Rug Roll features a top layer of high-strength, needle-punched polypropylene fibers... More details

  • Universal Fleet Spill Kit

    Fleet Spill Kit Our Fleet Spill Kit is the perfect choice for cleaning up spills quickly and effectively while out on the road. To be useful, a spill kit should contain a variety of spill cleanup solutions and be easily accessible. If a spill kit is in... More details

    Universal Fleet Spill Kit

  • SpillTech Caution Mat Roll

    SpillTech Caution Mat Roll Economical choice for quick, efficient response to spills of hazardous or unknown liquids. Economical mat pad for aggressive chemical spills or unknown liquids 100% polypropylene mat is chemically compatible with most... More details

  • SpillTech Ultra-Dewatering Bag® 6' x 6'

    SpillTech Ultra-Dewatering Bag® 6' x 6'Comply with regulations while storing IBC tanks outdoors.Upper roll-top cover and swing out lower doors combine to allow easy and convenient access to IBCLow-profile containment pallet allows safe material handling... More details

  • SpillTech Ultra-Hard Top P4 Plus®

    SpillTech Ultra-Hard Top P4 Plus®Spill Pallet Plus gives you economical and portable containment for IBCs.Low height and large deck make placing, handling and dispensing from IBCs safe and convenientAll-polyethylene construction offers excellent chemical... More details

  • SpillTech Ultra-Hard Top P2 Plus®

    SpillTech Ultra-Hard Top P2 Plus®Save money by storing two IBCs side by side.Ideal for storing intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), drums or other large vessels filled with chemically compatible materialsGrates are easily removed for quick cleanupDrain... More details

  • SpillTech Ultra-550 Containment Sump

    SpillTech Ultra-550 Containment SumpLoad and unload Ultra-Spill Decks® using a drum truck, not a forklift.Light-weight polyethylene Ramp is chemical resistant and easy to positionRibbed surface provides traction for added safetyEdge guards guide drum... More details

  • SpillTech Ultra-275 Containment Sump®

    SpillTech Ultra-275 Containment Sump®Low-profile, modular Spill Decks let you design and create a containment system that meets your specific needs.1-, 2- and 4-Drum Ultra-Spill Decks® can be used alone or are easily connected together with Bulkhead... More details

  • SpillTech 2-Drum Spill Pallet

    SpillTech 2-Drum Spill PalletLoad and unload Ultra-Hard Top Plus® Units using a drum truck, not a forklift.Light-weight polyethylene Ramp is chemical resistant and easy to positionCompact Ramp stores inside Ultra-Hard Top Plus® when not in useRibbed... More details

  • SpillTech 1-Drum Ultra-Spill Deck®

    SpillTech 1-Drum Ultra-Spill Deck®A built-in vent means no more splashing or “burping” when pouring liquids! Threaded brass insert screws into 2” drum bungAll-polyethylene construction won’t rust or corrode; provides excellent chemical resistanceHinged,... More details

  • SpillTech Ultra-IBC Hard Top®

    SpillTech Ultra-IBC Hard Top®Help prevent ground contamination with an absorbent mat specially designed for outdoor railroad maintenance. Oil-Only TrackMat features a highly-absorbent meltblown core that quickly soaks up and retains oils, lubricants and... More details

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