SpillTech Universal Commander

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SpillTech Universal Commander
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SpillTech Universal Commander

AirLaid Mat Rolls and Pads conform to your application for unlimited flexibility in tight spaces or when wiping. Resilient, bounce-back polypropylene fibers are AirLaid between two layers of tough SpunBond; ideal for tight spots and wrapping pipes or other equipment.

Inner layer of high-loft, air-filled polypropylene fibers creates uniform pockets of air that attract and hold liquids. Absorbs high volumes of liquid fast. Ultrasonic bonding of two abrasion-resistant SpunBond layers around loose fibers gives the Mat added strength.

Rolls are perforated vertically at 7.5" and horizontally every 17". Tear off only what you need and save money! Color-coding helps you visually identify the right sorbent for your needs. Grunge-hiding Gray signifies universal absorbency for oils, coolants, solvents and water.

  • Large, Medium, Single weight refer to thickness of pad. Select thickness based on application.
  • Rolls are 30" Wide x 150' Long
  • Split Rolls are 15" Wide x 150' Long
  • Durable for Everyday Use
  • High Sorbency Stays on the Job Longer
  • Crumples, Fits or Wraps to Any Job
  • Color-Coded


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    SpillTech Universal Commander

    SpillTech Universal Commander