LabelTac® 4 and Pro Model Polyimide Coated Supply


LabelTac 4 and Pro Model Polyimide Coated Supply
  • LabelTac 4 and Pro Model Polyimide Coated Supply
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LabelTac Polyimide Coated Supply

The LabelTac Polyimide Coated labeling supply is primarily designed for any and all electrical labeling, such as high-density barcoding and alphanumeric identification of circuit boards. This labeling supply is tested and approved for leaded and non-leaded reflow and wave solder, and the topcoat dissipates static properties and minimizes the risk of errors that could occur while printing and scanning barcodes. 

Compatible with LabelTac 4 and Pro model printers.


Outdoor 5+ Years
Optimal Temp. Range

65°F to 498°F

Min. Application Temp. 65°F
Thickness 2 mil
  • Min. Application Temp: 65°F
  • Service Temp: Up to 749°F Intermittent, 498°F Continuous (5 minutes)
  • Adhesive: Low outgas, permanent, pressure sensitive
  • Thickness: 2 mil
  • Shelf Life (unused): 2 years
 05." x 125'1" x 125'2" x 125'3" x 125' 4" x 124'
White LT0502CB LT102CB LT202CB LT302CB LT402CB


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