UL 969 Labeling Supplies

UL 969 Labeling Supplies

Create labels for
permanent product identification.

In fast-paced, industrial settings, labeling is crucial to both ensure the safety of workers and remain OSHA compliant. Since the conditions in some environments can be extreme, harsh, and tough on labels, a standard needed to be created so that labels are durable enough to outlast these stressors.

UL 969, also referred to as ANSI 969, is the standard for such labels and markings. In an industrial setting, labels need to be made to endure various kinds of stressors—heat, chemical, etc.—and therefore Underwriters Laboratories (UL) must test items in order to get the UL 969 qualification.

The LabelTac labels in this category have been recognized under UL 969. They meet UL standards and will perform in extreme conditions to keep facilities safe, efficient, and OSHA compliant.

Free LabelTac<sup>&reg;</sup> Supplies Catalog

Free LabelTac® Supplies Catalog

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  • UL 969-Approved LabelTac Supply

    UL 969-Approved LabelTac® Supply

  • LabelTac UltraChem Supply

    LabelTac® UltraChem Supply

  • LabelTac Extreme High-Temperature Supply

    LabelTac® Extreme High-Temperature Supply

  • LabelTac ESD Supply

    LabelTac® ESD Supply


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