LabelTac® 4 Printer Supplies

LabelTac 4 Printer Supplies

High-quality label supply
compatible with the LabelTac 4.

If you have a LabelTac® 4 printer, you’ll find all the supplies you need in the selection of label rolls below. From die-cut supply to labels designed for laboratory use, these help you stay compliant with agencies such as the NFPA, OSHA, and ANSI, and provide the clear communication workers need to stay safe. 

LabelTac® 4 supplies were designed to accommodate a wide range of applications in a wide range of industries. No matter the type of equipment you have in your facility or type of operations, you’ll find labels that are perfect for your workplace, including ones that were created to be applied to metal, tires, oily surfaces, or warehouse racks. Each roll of LabelTac® 4 supply features a strong adhesive and is weather-resistant, so you’ll have your labeling for years to come as you use your LabelTac® 4 printer.

Free LabelTac<sup>&reg;</sup> Supplies Catalog

Free LabelTac® Supplies Catalog

Find the right supply for your labels.

LabelTac® 4, LabelTac® Pro X, and LabelTac® 9 are on sale through the end of May.
  • LabelTac 4 and Pro Model Label Supply

    LabelTac 4 and Pro Model Label Supply LabelTac® 4 and Pro Model Label Supply is our all around durable label supply useful for creating virtually any safety label required for your facility under normal conditions.  It is engineered from... More details

    LabelTac® 4 and Pro Model Label Supply

  • LabelTac 4 Print Ribbon

    LabelTac® 4 Print Ribbon Compatible with LabelTac® 4 Printer (Not LabelTac® 4 PRO) The LabelTac® 4 Print Ribbon is one of the key components (along with the supply) to making long lasting durable signs on-site. Made with a compound that... More details

    LabelTac® 4 Print Ribbon

  • LabelTac High-Tack Label Supply

    LabelTac® High-Tack Label Supply The LabelTac® High-Tack Label Supply was created with tough-to-adhere locations in mind. Perfect for mine shafts, textured walls, or porous surfaces such as brick or stone, this supply is designed with an... More details

    LabelTac® High-Tack Label Supply

  • LabelTac Repositionable Vinyl Supply

    LabelTac® Repositionable Supply Repositionable Supply is designed to easily detach and reattach to the same flat surfaces as other standard supplies. This allows for flexibilty when changes in the workplace occur. Lack of residue eliminates the... More details

    LabelTac® Repositionable Vinyl Supply

  • Magnetic Rack Label Supply

    Magnetic Rack Label Supply This Magnetic Rack Labeling Supply is a great solution for temporary barcodes and labels in warehouses with frequent item and bin location changes. The Magnetic Labeling Supply attaches to any metal shelving surface without... More details

    Magnetic Rack Label Supply

  • LabelTac 4 Print Ribbon - 2.4" Wide Main

    LabelTac® industrial print ribbons only work in the LabelTac® and are 299' long. These ribbons are made with a compound that can hold up to scratching and chemicals on a daily basis. LabelTac® has super-tough, smear-proof ribbons that ensure... More details

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    LabelTac® 4 Print Ribbon - 2.4" Wide

  • LabelTac Oily Surface Supply

    LabelTac® Oily Surface Supply Oily Surface Supply is engineered with a specially formulated adhesive made for aggressive adherence to greasy and grimy surfaces. These labels will even stick to plastics generously coated with WD-40 or dirt, making... More details

    LabelTac® Oily Surface Supply

  • LabelTac High Temperature Supply

    LabelTac® High Temperature Supply LabelTac® High Temperature Supply is designed to hold up even when surface temperatures exceed 300°F+, making this tape ideal for labeling hot pipes and equipment. Features Outdoor Life... More details

    LabelTac® High Temperature Supply

  • LabelTac Low Halide Supply

    LabelTac® Low Halide Supply Halogens in many adhesive labels are known to be corrosive to stainless steel. Low Halide Supply is engineered with low levels of halogen to protect this popular alloy from corrosion. Fluorine, chlorine, bromine and... More details

    LabelTac® Low Halide Supply

  • LabelTac NFPA Labels

    LabelTac® NFPA Labels LabelTac® NFPA Labels are designed with a pre-printed, multi-color diamond for visual communication of chemical safety information. Simply print the required information onto the label for professional, long-lasting... More details

    LabelTac® NFPA Labels

  • UL 969-Approved LabelTac Supply

    UL 969-Approved LabelTac® Supply Recognized under UL 969 (also known as ANSI 969), this labeling supply meets UL standards and will endure various types of stressors and extreme environments. Our UL Approved supply is tested and made to endure and... More details

    UL 969-Approved LabelTac® Supply

  • LabelTac Glow Tape Supply

    LabelTac® Glow Tape Supply Clearly designate aisle ways and emergency pathways in the dark with this glow-in-the-dark tape. There are different types of photoluminescent tapes, signs, and other products to meet any sort of need. For instance,... More details

    LabelTac® Glow Tape Supply

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    Now: $149.99
  • LabelTac Optically Clear Supply

    LabelTac® Optically Clear Supply Optically Clear Supply allows graphic and text labels to be placed on any material or equipment without a background color. Backgrounds that match surface colors make for a professional, finished look that is... More details

    LabelTac® Optically Clear Supply

  • LabelTac UltraChem Supply

    LabelTac UltraChem Supply LabelTac® UltraChem Supply is designed to be used with our LabelTac® UltraChem Ribbon and our LabelTac® Industrial Labeling Systems. Create your own, chemical-resistant labels in seconds when combined with... More details

    LabelTac® UltraChem Supply

  • Repositionable Rack Label Supply

    Repositionable Rack Label Supply Repositionable Rack Labeling Supply allows the user to easily detach and reattach labels and barcodes to the same shelving or bins for 24 hrs. Its durable vinyl material allows detachment and reattachment when... More details

    Repositionable Rack Label Supply

  • LabelTac Cold Storage Supply

    LabelTac® Cold Storage Supply Create long-lasting barcodes and labels that hold up to the coldest temperatures with the LabelTac Cold Storage Supply. This supply is designed to withstand -40° temperature, perfect for storage freezers and... More details

    LabelTac® Cold Storage Supply

  • LabelTac Dry Erase Supply

    LabelTac® Dry Erase Supply Tracking information and identification can now be handwritten onto a custom-designed label and easily dry-erased to add new information. Printed information is permanent, but handwritten inks easily erase with any dry... More details

    LabelTac® Dry Erase Supply

  • Reflective Rack Label Supply

    Reflective Rack Label Supply Reflective Labeling Supply is designed to not only make your shelving and bin labels stand out from a distance, but will help barcode readers scan from a longer range due to the its reflective material. Our printable... More details

    Reflective Rack Label Supply

  • LabelTac Marine Supply

    LabelTac® Marine Supply Print your customized labels on this saltwater-resistant supply. Marine Supply is designed to withstand the punishment of service on marine vessels and on other locations where saltwater spray is present. Engineered to... More details

    LabelTac® Marine Supply

  • LabelTac Reflective Barcode Label Supply

    LabelTac®Reflective Barcode Label Supply LabelTac®Reflective Barcode Label Supply is designed to help barcode readers scan from a longer range due to the its reflective material. Our printable reflective vinyl has strong reflective properties,... More details

    LabelTac® Reflective Barcode Label Supply

  • LabelTac Tamper-Evident Void Supply

    LabelTac Tamper-Evident Void Supply Tamper-Evident Void Supply permanently records the word "VOID" clearly onto the label's adhesive for a lasting mark on the adhered surface. This prevents the label from being replaced without evidence of tampering... More details

    LabelTac® Tamper-Evident Void Supply

  • LabelTac Static Cling Supply

    LabelTac® Static Cling Supply Designed specifically for temporary labeling on non-magnetic materials. Use Static Cling Supply to make labels and signs for locations where permanent signage isn't appropriate. Clear Static Cling Supply provides an... More details

    LabelTac® Static Cling Supply

  • LabelTac RTK Color Bar Labels

    LabelTac "Right-to-Know" (RTK) Color Bar Labels "Right-to-Know" (RTK) labels are formatted for high-readability and OSHA compliance. Hazardous materials classifications are clearly displayed with standardized colored graphics for "Health,"... More details

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    LabelTac® RTK Color Bar Labels

  • LabelTac® Removable Supply

    LabelTac® Removable Supply LabelTac® Removable Supply is a great choice for rack labeling where being able to peel and re-stick the label could be helpful.  Save time and money when moving inventory locations, or simply need a temporary... More details

    LabelTac® Removable Supply

  • LabelTac® Rubber and Tire Label Supply

    LabelTac® Rubber and Tire Label Supply LabelTac® Rubber and Tire Label is a durable polyethylene material with an aggressive pattern coated adhesive designed specifically for adhering to the surface of tires and other rubber products. Say... More details

    LabelTac® Rubber and Tire Label Supply

  • LabelTac Extreme High-Temperature Supply

    LabelTac Extreme High-Temperature Supply Run your labeled products through a furnace and have them come out still clearly labeled. This product is designed with a long-lasting adhesive for use on extremely high-temperature surfaces or high-energy... More details

    LabelTac® Extreme High-Temperature Supply

  • LabelTac ESD Supply

    LabelTac® ESD Supply Static can be a serious issue when labeling in low-humidity or static-prone environments. The effect, known as "triboelectric charging," causes noticeable voids or dots in printed text and graphics. ESD Supply helps eliminate... More details

    LabelTac® ESD Supply

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