LabelTac® Temperature Resistant Labels

LabelTac Temperature Resistant Labels

Create durable labels
to survive any climate.

Sometimes the extreme conditions of your workplace require supplies that can withstand the harsh elements. These temperature resistant labels from LabelTac® do just that. Check out the High Temperature Supply if you need to label pipes and other hot equipment; this tape can hold up to temperatures over 300°F. Conversely, the Cryogenic Supply can withstand temperatures lower than -110°F.

High-performance vinyl holds up to harsh worksites, functions well in temperatures from -60°F to 230°F, and lasts for more than ten years both indoors and outdoors. Stocking up ensures that you won’t run out of durable tape in your workplace.

No matter your situation, LabelTac®’s temperature resistant labels get the job done. Take a look at Creative Safety Supply’s offering below to get started.

Free LabelTac<sup>&reg;</sup> Supplies Catalog

Free LabelTac® Supplies Catalog

Find the right supply for your labels.

  • LabelTac High Temperature Supply

    LabelTac® High Temperature Supply

  • LabelTac Cryogenic Label Supply

    LabelTac® Cryogenic Label Supply


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