LabelTac® Extended Life Labels

LabelTac Extended Life Labels

Long-lasting labels for
harsh work environments.

Do you need labels that are guaranteed to last for a long time? LabelTac®’s extended life labels provide you with supplies that endure for at least 7-10 years and likely more. They’re the perfect application for laboratories that need GHS compliant labels, marine environments where signage needs to withstand saltwater spray, and any other situation where you need labels that are able to stand up to harsh conditions for a long time. 

LabelTac®’s extended life labels are all resistant to chemicals, UV, and abrasions, and are compliant with OSHA or GHS standards. By investing in a long-term supply, you’ll have all the labels you need for years to come no matter what type of environment you work in.

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Free LabelTac® Supplies Catalog

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