LabelTac® Product and Custom Labels

Product and Custom Labels

Creative Safety Supply's thermal transfer labels are a perfect choice for your small batch or custom product labels. We offer a wide array of materials and adhesives to suit your application and industry. Need to adhere a GHS or safety notice to your product? We got you covered. Need to label vials or slides for laboratory testing? We got you covered. Need a label that can survive harsh ocean transport? We have that too.

Using our LabelTac® printers and LabelSuite™ software that is included, we enable you to print professional quality product labels on-demand with a material and adhesive that will last.

Our expertise in the labeling industry goes far beyond what is seen on our website. If you have a specific application or question about how to select the right material, please contact us and let one of our specialists assist you!

Free LabelTac<sup>&reg;</sup> Supplies Catalog

Free LabelTac® Supplies Catalog

Find the right supply for your labels.

Specialty Die-Cut Label Supply

Specialty Die-Cut Supply

Rolls of die-cut labels simplify any large labeling project, just peel and stick.  

Our selection includes GHS labels. NFPA labels, OSHA labels, and more.

Electrostatic Discharge Supply

Electrostatic Discharge Supply

Made with dissipative materials to prevent triboelectric charging (static buildup).  

Label supply made with used in areas with low-humidity or static-prone environments; ideal for labeling electrically sensitive components.

Laboratory and Pharmaceutical Label Supply

Lab & Pharmaceutical Supply

Designed to survive the environments of laboratories, hospitals, and pharmacies.  

Pharmaceutical grade paper labels used to label vials, bottles, bags, and other healthcare applications.

High Temperature Label Supply

High Temperature Supply

Designed withstand surface temperatures over 300℉.  

Label supply used on hot equipment, electrical equipment, and pipes carrying hot contents.

Low Temperature Label Supply

Low Temperature Supply

Designed to survive cycled and continuous exposure to cryogenic conditions.  

Label supply to use for refrigerated lab items, pipes carrying colder substances, and industrial freezers.

Product Tag Label Supply

Product Tag Supply

Tear-resistant label supply for creating custom tags.  

Label supply to use for inventory, equipment, or organization.

Product Safety Supply

Product Safety Supply

Keep your consumers safe too.  

Label supply to communicate warnings and safety hazards to your customers.

Specialty Application Supply

Specialty Application

Adhere to any surface.  

Label supply for any kind of surface including oily, magnetic, and more.

All Purpose Label Supply

All Purpose Supply

Labeling supply for any application.  

Designed for indoor/outdoor applications. Use for equipment labeling, rack labeling, organizing, and more.

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