LabelTac® GHS Labels

LabelTac GHS Labels

Supplies to create durable
and compliant chemical labels.

Make sure the chemicals in your facility are correctly labeled according to GHS standards with LabelTac® GHS labels. The GHS system determines global regulations for the classification of chemicals and communication of hazards associated with those chemicals. Adhering to this protects your workers, and ensures that your company stays compliant.

Marking chemicals correctly is easy with LabelSuite™. This software comes with all LabelTac® printers and includes a content library that contains dozens of GHS pictograms and symbols. GHS Die-Cut labels in particular are very easy to apply and are cut to the shape you need. All of LabelTac®’s GHS labels are also resistant to chemicals, smearing, and UV, making this the perfect application for all your GHS needs.

Free GHS Labeling E-Book

Free GHS Labeling E-Book

Learn how-to comply with GHS requirements.

LabelTac® 4, LabelTac® Pro X, and LabelTac® 9 are on sale through the end of May.
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