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Durastripe Pux

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    **Minimum of 2 packs is required for all DuraStripe Shapes**

    Durastripe Pux with "X-Treme" Adhesive

    Made from the same tough, forklift-resistant material as Durastripe X-Treme Floor Tape, Durastripe Pux are a fantastic way to mark floors in areas where forklift damage could occur. The X-Treme material and adhesive are made to resist pivoting and turning of heavy equipment wheels (such as forklifts), while the "Pux" format allows for easy replacement in case of damage. Pux are often used in lieu of continuous tape lines.

    Typically, if a forklift were to pivot on a line and damage it, a section of the line would have to be spliced and replaced. With Pux, simply replace the damaged one. 


    • Nominal Thickness: 34 mil
    • Application Temp: 35° to 90°
    • Service Temperature: 0° to 130°

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      Durastripe Pux

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