Forklift Safety Inline Tape

Forklift Safety Inline Tape

Clearly mark forklift lanes,
pedestrian paths, and work zones.

Forklift accidents cause almost 35,000 serious injuries every year. Improve your workplace with Creative Safety Supply’s forklift safety inline tape, which informs workers of traffic, crossings, and hazards, and clearly marks areas where forklifts may be parked or operating. 

Forklift safety inline tape features SafetyTac®’s resilient material, which doesn’t get caught on wheels and won’t retain damage from forklift traffic. With SafetyTac®, you don’t need to worry about your important messages fading away.

Caution and preparation are essential. Forklift safety inline tape can help prevent accidents and injuries in your workplace. To get started, take a look at our selection below.

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Free Floor Marking E-Book

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