ESD Inline Tape

ESD Inline Tape

Alert workers to
anti-static and cleanroom areas.

ESD inline tape was specifically designed to be used in areas where electrostatic discharge (ESD) may be a concern. ESD occurs when a sudden flow of the electrical current between two differently-charged objects are brought close together and creates a visible static spark. Not only can this create malfunctions to electrical equipment, static discharge can create wide scale explosions and fires if ESD safety is not carefully practiced. With Creative Safety Supply’s ESD inline tape, you can make sure employees remember to wear ESD protective equipment before entering ESD-safe environments.

The tapes are made with SafetyTac®’s resilient material and reinforced adhesive, which keeps it in place and helps it hold up to the toughest conditions. Its tapered edges won’t get caught on wheels and won’t present a tripping hazard.

Use ESD inline tape to warn your workers of ESD areas and control zones with bright colors and clear wording that won’t fade. Browse our selection below to get started.

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