Emergency Egress Inline Tape

Emergency Egress Inline Tape

Clearly guide staff and visitors
to safe evacuation.

Emergency egress is used in building code to refer to means of exit. During an emergency, your workers need to understand how to get out and where to go to stay safe. Indicate this with emergency egress inline tape, which clearly marks assembly areas and muster zones. With bright red lettering and distinct communication, the tape is an integral aspect to emergency safety plans.

Emergency egress inline tape is made with SafetyTac® resilient material. SafetyTac® holds up to traffic and spills, so you don’t need to worry about the lettering fading over time and causing confusion. If you don’t see the phrase you need, Creative Safety Supply’s inline tape is fully customizable. Browse our options below or contact us for a custom order.

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Free Floor Marking E-Book

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    SafetyTac® Custom Inline Print Floor Tape

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    Fire Exit - Inline Printed Floor Marking Tape

  • Emergency Eye Wash - Inline Printed Floor Marking Tape

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