Busy businesses experience a lot of traffic—forklifts, carts, delivery vehicles, employees, and visitors. Footprint stickers are a simple solution for when you need to clearly communicate where safe pedestrian pathways are located. These footprint stickers use bright colors and easy-to-understand shapes to highlight your walkways. Marking these walkways prevents collisions and makes it easier for people to find where they need to go.

Footprint stickers, also called footprint decals, work just like any other sticker, except they're durable enough to withstand high levels of traffic. These footprint floor decals are made of a strong vinyl material and come in many colors and styles. SafetyTac® footprints tolerate the highest levels of traffic, while Smart Stripe footprints are ideal for facilities with low to medium levels of traffic. Depending on the surfaces in your facility, your might also want footprint stickers for carpets.

Businesses can further highlight walkways using floor signs that say “Pedestrian Crossing” or “Pedestrian Walkway”. Floor marking tape also works well for outlining pathways. Fun alternatives such as dinosaur footprint stickers or baby footprint stickers might make sense in workplaces such as schools, hospitals, or daycares. Browse our selection of floor feet stickers below to find an option suitable for your space.

  • SafetyTac Footprints

    SafetyTac® Footprints - Floor Marking Shapes Use SafetyTac® Footprints to highlight important pathways in your facility. These footprints can provide instructions about which direction to go while working or even when evacuating during an... More details

  • Smart Stripe Footprints - Floor Marking Shapes Smart Stripe Footprints can highlight pathways in your facility. Use them to provide information about which direction people should move while working or even where to go during an evacuation. Smart... More details

  • Durastripe Footprints

    **Minimum of 2 packs is required for all DuraStripe Shapes** Durastripe Footprints with "X-Treme" Adhesive Durastripe Footprints are an ideal way to mark paths of traffic flow in your facility. They come 35 to a pack (including both left and right... More details

  • Smart Stripe Dinosaur Footprints

    Smart Stripe Dinosaur Footprints - Floor Marking Shapes   Made with ultra-thin Smart Stripe Tape material   Jurassic Green footprints - Call (866) 777-1360 for custom colors or quantities   Cost effective and durable - withstands... More details

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