Floor Marking Tape Corners

Floor Marking Tape Corners

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Floor markings serve many purposes in industrial workplaces, offices, warehouses, and even hospitals. These markings, which include floor signs, floor marking tape, and floor marking shapes, function as visual cues to convey information about safety and organization. Floor marking tape corners are a widely used floor marking shape. These corners are simple to use and can mark anything from the placement of a pallet in a warehouse to the location of a paper cutter in an office.

What Are Floor Marking Corners?

Floor marking corners are made from the same materials as floor marking tape, which sticks to the floor with an adhesive. Corners, like tape, are designed to hold up to most pedestrian and forklift traffic. They also come in many colors and several patterns to communicate different information related to safety and organization.

Many facilities place corners around the edges of equipment or stacks of materials to indicate where those items should be placed. That way, even when something is removed from an area temporarily, people can tell where it should be returned.

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