Caution Inline Tape

Keep your workers safe with Creative Safety Supply’s caution inline tape. This tape alerts people to areas they should stay out of or need to be careful in. You can mark out radiation zones, warn about a large step down to prevent trips and falls, or ask people to either move slowly or proceed with caution.

The caution inline tape below uses SafetyTac® technology, which won’t get caught on pallets or wheels and is not a tripping hazard. Thanks to the rubber-based, reinforced adhesive, it’ll stay in place for a long time.

With bright colors and clear messaging, you’ll make sure people in your workplace are cautious when they need to be. Get started today by taking a look at our selection of caution inline tape below.

Custom Inline Printed Tape

Custom Inline Print Floor Tape

Your tape, made YOUR way - no extra cost.

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