Floor Cable Management

Floor cable management allows you to successfully organize the endless strings of cables and wires that flow through any modern workplace. Since wire and cables often have to run on the floor across walking areas, they cause tripping hazards. In order to stay OSHA compliant, facilities need to take actions that combat these hazards and protect workers and visitors from injury, and floor cable management can help.

Floor cable management solutions come in many shapes and sizes. Visual communication like wall signs and hazard duct tape communicate hazards by catching eyes and using caution colors like yellow and black. Smart Stripe carpet tape minimizes tripping hazards by flattening wires, and removing the risk of snagging hazards. Tape is resistant to chemical spills, water and UV rays, so they extend the life of cables and wires as well.

Keep your facility safe with floor cable management.

  • Smart Stripe Carpet Tape

    Smart Stripe Removable Carpet Floor Marking Tape Smart Stripe Carpet Tape is a floor marking tape specially designed for use on carpeted floors. The adhesive won’t leave a residue after it’s removed, even when the tape been on the carpet... More details

  • Tripping Hazard

    Tripping Hazard Floor Sign This floor sign warns workers to pay attention to walking surfaces. It's designed for use in an industrial envirnoment, so it can withstand extreme conditions. Customize this hazard signs for no additional fee. If you would... More details

  • DuraStripe Supreme V Tape

    DuraStripe Supreme V Tape for Floor Marking DuraStripe Supreme V Tape is the fifth generation of DuraStripe tape. It's the ideal floor marking tape for imperfect floors. It features a strong adhesive so the tape will stay in place, even is... More details

  • LabelTac Printable Cable Wraps

    LabelTac® Printable Cable Wraps LabelTac® Printable Cable Wraps make it easy to mark cables with legible, printed text. No more handwritten stickers that can be difficult to read or wear quickly. To use these wraps, print your text on the... More details

  • Caution - Tripping Hazard Label

    Tripping hazards can be very debilitating depending on the circumstances, especially for older employees. Help protect your employees by increasing their awareness of tripping hazards caused by bumps, floor cracks, pipes, and more. 3 size options... More details

  • Caution Tripping Hazard Wall Sign

    Caution Tripping Hazard Wall Sign Tripping hazards can cause severe injuries. Post our “Caution Tripping Hazard" wall sign anywhere one of these hazards exists. This sign features a bright yellow background with bold black lettering and includes... More details

  • LabelTac Printable Wire Wraps

    LabelTac Printable Wire Wraps LabelTac® Printable Wire Wraps are designed for use with your LabelTac® 4 or LabelTac® Pro Model printers. The clear tail wraps around the label, self-laminating the wrap and protecting the print underneath... More details

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