What is the best way to generate and print barcodes?

The best way to generate and print barcodes involves the users identifying what they want in terms of ease and effectiveness. Out of those two attributes, the decision often lies in what they need the barcode labels for, how much money the company wants to spend, and how fast the labels can be made and implemented. With that being said, settling on a method that works may take a few trial-and-error periods, and that’s perfectly alright as long as steps are made to further improve the company’s vision to end up where they want to be.

Define the Objective

To begin the quest of determining the best way to generate and print barcode labels, the company must define the parameters of what they need it for. This can include anything from improving inventory management practices, tracking assets, using them for WIP items, or even use them in the shipping and receiving department. Once the objective is defined, the company can choose the right type of barcode for their needs, whether that be standard UPC barcodes or more complex 2D barcodes/RFID tags.

Aim for Affordability

Next, companies always aim to get the best services for the lowest price. For that reason, having an in-house industrial label printer becomes a good investment because it more than halves the price of individual labels made by manufacturers. These easy-to-use printers produce extremely durable labels for their price. The labels resist fading, smudging, and tearing if they are properly applied and taken care of. However, in the event they need to be replaced, the labels are immediately available with an in-house printer.

Prioritize Speed

Immediately available labels are always in demand at any facility and owning an industrial makes that achievable. The speed at which these can be produced is as simple as using a labeling software that has barcode generating abilities and then clicking print. By eliminating the need to ship the customized barcode labels, the company will waste no time or effort in relaying information to a supplier.

There are numerous different ways to go about creating barcodes, the tricky part is finding a strategy that is effective for a particular facility’s needs. However, recognizing the above three attributes will improve the sites understanding of what they need know before getting into barcode labeling.


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