Crane Safety Questions and Answers

Cranes come in a variety of different shapes and sizes that perform a number of different duties. Using a crane safely does not come easy, though it must be done correctly to prevent a multitude of dangerous accidents. These machines require a certification to operate while the operator is also tasked with the responsibility of inspection, maintenance, ensuring compliance, and maintaining his or her certification.

Crane SafetyTopics covered:
This section of Q&As will help you understand why it is imperative that cranes are operated safely for both the one using the crane and the people who are in the near vicinity. Some of the topics that will be covered include:

  • Safety regulations: There are a number of safety regulations that OSHA has put forth regarding crane operation. These exist to provide consistency and clarity on training, certification, and safety for anyone involved.
  • Crane hazards: Learn about the four most common crane hazards here. Avoiding them is linked to proper maintenance and safety measures implemented while on the job.
  • Essential labeling: Just like labeling pipes, labeling cranes helps remind people of pinch points, falling materials, maintenance labels, and instructions. Labeling is essential in creating a safe and informative work environment.

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