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Gemba is a Japanese term that translates to “the actual place.” Gemba walks are an exceptional Lean tool that require a manager or designated employee to physically walk around an area and look for places that could use improvement. By being present, the employer or manager will gain a better understanding of what is happening in the facility and then has the power to make necessary changes.

Topics covered:
Any company that wants to implement continuous improvement goals uses Gemba walks as a starting point. Managers can effectively improve efficiency, safety, and production across the board with this tool. Because of that, we are here to help you understand how you can use Gemba walks to improve your own facility. Some of the topics we explore include:

  • The goals of Gemba walks: Gemba walks can be performed as much as once a week and may have a different goal every time. The person performing the walk can have goals such as improving safety or finding production problems, and more.
  • How to conduct a Gemba walk: Here we will discuss the steps that a manager must go through to complete a Gemba walk. Having structure is important during this activity otherwise you could just end up chatting with employees rather than finding problems.
  • Incorporating other Lean manufacturing methods: Performing Gemba walks is great for any facility, but using more than one Lean manufacturing method will open up new roads to understanding what could be improved.

Help us help you in understanding the world of Gemba by reading up on how to improve your facility!


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