Spill Cleanup Questions and Answers

Spills in the workplace can pose a serious health and safety risk to employees when they are not cleaned up properly. Whether it’s an oil or chemical spill, it is extremely important to have the proper supplies to address the spill and fully clean it up to avoid problems. Personal injury is not the only hazard spills can pose, as many liquids are corrosive or highly flammable.

Spill clean-up encompasses a wide range of topics, not just spill kits. Training is essential to absorbing and containing a spill adequately as well as having the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Having an appropriate kit on hand in the right size and containing the right materials can reduce harm to both workers and the facility.

Topics covered:
In these Q&A posts learn the answers to the most commonly asked questions when it comes to spill kits and spill clean-up. Some of the topics we will discuss include:

  • Spill containment steps: We will go over the steps for cleaning up a spill all the way from the beginning of evaluating the risk to the end with restocking the spill kit.
  • Various types of Absorbents: There are numerous different ways of cleaning up a spill, but you need the right absorbents for the specific type of spill. There are spill kits for every hazardous material you can think of, whether that be oil or heavy metals like mercury.
  • Implementing spill clean-up training: Training employees on how to clean spills will not only protect their well-being but also will prevent building damage and even fatalities. This is an essential part of hazard/emergency training for everyone in your facility.

We will look at the contents of spill kits, how to choose the right kit for your facility, and so much more!


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