TPM Questions and Answers

TPM Questions Is your business looking for a Lean approach to equipment maintenance? Or are you looking to increase the OEE of your plant? Then look no further than total productive maintenance. Total productive maintenance, or TPM, is a holistic and comprehensive manufacturing concept that works to improve productivity by resuming defects, downtime, and speed losses while also promoting a safe and organized working environment. TPM consists of eight strategies (or pillars) that ensure equipment is consistently maintained and inspected by instilling a sense of responsibility for equipment in all employees. 

TPM can often be a tricky Lean strategy to implement, and in this section of Q&A we hope to answer any questions you may have. Start from the beginning and learn the Japanese company that popularized the concept and who the Father of TPM is; explore how to use other Lean tools alongside total productive maintenance and find some helpful tips for starting your own company-wide TPM program!

The following are just a handful of the most common questions about TPM to get you started on your Lean maintenance journey.


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