Valve Tag Questions and Answers

Valve/pipe tags are something that every facility with industrial faucets and valves needs, especially to abide by the standards that non-profit organizations, like ANSI, have created to ensure employees are kept safe. These tags come in several different materials and sizes to ensure that the valve is being marked with material that will last a long time.

Without valve tags employees wouldn’t know about:

  • The contents of the pipe
  • Hazards associated with the substance inside
  • The appropriate response to a spill
  • The appropriate response to exposure to the contents
  • When the valve should be used

With corresponding valve tag code charts located in each facility, everyone is able to reference each code for the information listed above. There is nothing wrong with having too much information, as you might need a comprehensive understanding of a valve tag to prevent a potentially catastrophic accident that can threaten people as well as the facility itself.

In these Q&A posts, learn the answers to the most commonly asked questions when regarding valve tags. From learning what kind of tag to use, where to place it, and how it improves workplace safety, you can find the answers here!


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