Six Sigma Questions and Answers

Six Sigma is a methodology focusing on measuring quality and aiming for perfection. There are a variety of strategies and systems Six Sigma uses to identify and remove causes of defects and minimizing variability in order to improve the quality of a process’ outcome. While the methodology of Six Sigma was originally applied to exclusively the manufacturing industry, Six Sigma techniques are now used in virtually every type of industry. Essentially, Six Sigma works to redesign, improve, and manage projects to make them predictable and less likely to produce defective outcomes.

In this section we will look at the most frequently asked questions regarding Six Sigma. You can explore the different belts of Six Sigma and where to implement Six Sigma practices. Learn the history and origin of Six Sigma and the benefits of using it in project management. Whether or not you have someone in the workplace that is Six Sigma certified, these principles can affect your bottom line and greatly improve processes in your facility.


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