Six Sigma Questions and Answers

Six Sigma is a methodology focusing on measuring quality and aiming for perfection. There are a variety of strategies and systems Six Sigma uses to identify and remove causes of defects and minimizing variability in order to improve the quality of a process’ outcome. Essentially, Six Sigma works to redesign, improve, and manage projects to make them predictable and less likely to produce defective outcomes.

Topics Covered:
In this section we will look at the most frequently asked questions regarding Six Sigma. Some of the topics we will cover in this section include:

  • The benefits of using Six Sigma: By using this Lean method the company benefits from an increase in profit, efficiency, standardization, and happier customers. These are only some of the benefits that Six Sigma offers.
  • Explore the different belt certifications: There are a variety of different colored belts that an individual can obtain in their Six Sigma journey. These are awarded based off of skill as well as vigorous testing that the candidate must complete.
  • Where to implement Six Sigma: Six sigma can be implemented in any facility. Six Sigma’s main focus is ridding a process of defects. This makes choosing to use the Lean method and its corresponding tools easy for the facility.

Whether or not you have someone in the workplace that is Six Sigma certified, its principles can affect your bottom line and greatly improve processes in your facility.


Six Sigma Questions and Answers

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