Tool Organization Questions and Answers

Having a cluttered and disorganized workplace can be a real headache and can lead to a significant amount of waste. When a workbench, a toolbox, a tool chest, or a work cell has tools strewn about, time and space are wasted as employees search for a specific tool. Whether you work in an auto shop or a manufacturing facility, tool organization can make a big impact. Pegboards and customizable tool foam can transform your workplace into an efficient and clutter-free space.

Topics covered:
Explore common questions when it comes to organizing a toolbox and how we can help! We explore the different types of tool organization available to you, how to color code your workspace, and how to label your tools. Some of the core topics we will delve into include:

  • Its relationship with 5S: Tool organization works with the 5S Lean method to reduce waste around the workplace. It will take less time and less effort (two of the more prominent wastes in the 8 wastes of Lean) in finding your tools if they are neat and tidy within your workshop.
  • How to organize your tools: We will discuss how to get you to the ideal organized space. We have foam, outline vinyl, and several other products that are perfect for the job.
  • The benefits of organizing tools: We will explore the benefits that a clean workspace allows you. One of those being more efficient use of time and space.

Whether you are just beginning your organization efforts or are just looking for an update, we have tips and advice for you. Learn about shadow tape that can give your pegboard a sleek look, what kinds of tools you can organize, and some tips on organizing smaller materials. We have a step-by-step guide on using customizable tool foam and vinyl shadow board tape, and you learn the importance of having a well-organized tool chest.


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