Hazcom Questions and Answers

Hazard communication works in tandem with GHS to provide all the necessary information to both employees and emergency response teams during daily working conditions and in the event of an emergency. OSHA has come up with this HazCom program to ensure those in the near vicinity of the chemicals knows what they are, the hazards associated with them, and other pertinent information that needs to be expressed for safety reasons.

HazCom programs are essential for organizations that work with hazardous chemicals, in fact, they are mandated by OSHA. You might ask why a HazCom program is important—it comes down to compliance with OSHA, ensuring safety, improved response times from emergency responders, ease of training, and the facility also is inadvertently complying with GHS standards as well.

Topics covered:
As you may have gathered, the importance of having a HazCom program at your facility should be a high priority. We are here to help you through the ins and outs of a successful HazCom program. Some of the topics that this Q&A section will go over include:

  • Training: Training is an important aspect of your hazardous communication program as your employees have the right to know what chemicals they are working around and obtain the skills they need to correctly identify hazardous chemicals.
  • The supplies needed for a HazCom program: Having the proper items for a hazardous communication program is essential for its success. We will go over some of the high priority items and equipment your organization may need.
  • The different forms HazCom can take: We are referring to labels here, there are all kinds of hazardous chemical identification labels that you may need depending on the environment you are working in. We will explore those options here.

Let us help you in your quest for HazCom knowledge! We have everything you need to brush up on your safety skills.

Hazcom Questions and Answers

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