Arc Flash Questions and Answers

If you aren’t properly prepared for an unexpected arc flash, you will be putting your employees and the entire facility at serious risk of electrocution, injury related to flying objects, fire, and more. Proper training, visual communication, and the correct protective equipment are absolutely necessary, otherwise those catastrophes have a higher chance of becoming fatal to employees.

Topics covered:
Companies that regularly work with electrical equipment must be well versed in the dangers of arc flashes. We are here to help you with understanding the basics! Some of the topics that we will cover include:

  • How arc flashes occur: Arc flashes have the potential to occur in environments that are not clean, improper use of tools, and more. The employee must recognize these risks and look to prevent them while on the job.
  • Visual communication: Arc flash labels are required by OSHA and assist employees in being aware of their surroundings. We will go over what information must be on the label as well as where they are to be placed in facilities.
  • PPE requirements: Learn about the different classes of PPE that may be needed depending on the level of danger that is present.

Arc flashes are not to be underestimated. Make sure you are protected by first learning everything you can about arc flash risks with our free resources.


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