NFPA Questions and Answers

The National Fire Protection Association is a private organization focused on reducing risks associated with fires, electricity, and other common dangers within work environments. The NFPA has published hundreds of codes set up to provide employees, management, emergency responders, and others with the information needed to handle potentially dangerous materials quickly and safely.

Topics covered:
Learn all about the necessary elements the NFPA outlines for working communities to stay safe while on the job. Some of the topics that will be discussed in this section include:

  • The NFPA’s relationship with OSHA: The NFPA is a standard setting organization which means it does not enforce regulations like OSHA does. We will discuss the two organizations and their relationship with one another as well as their common goals.
  • Labeling standards: While the NFPA cannot enforce its standards, numerous industries still choose to use them because they have been proven to keep people safe. Labeling is an essential part of visual communication for anyone involved in hazardous conditions or while dealing with hazardous substances.
  • Popular NFPA codes: Out of the hundreds of codes that the NFPA has developed, there are a handful of codes that can be seen everywhere you look in various industries. We will discuss their significance in this Q&A section.             

Our Q&A section provides you with the information needed to properly use NFPA codes, labels, and more. Use these to your advantage and start protecting your employees today!  


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